You Can Now Buy Violet Crumble Espresso Martinis in Two-Litre Ready-to-Drink Casks

If it wasn’t for Violet Crumbles, the world wouldn’t have quite a few things. Firstly, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of biting into those chocolate-honeycomb bars themselves, and tasting that delicious flavour combination. We also wouldn’t have the slogan “it’s the way it shatters that matters”, which is up there with the catchiest advertising lines of all time. And, Bertie Beetles wouldn’t exist, because the showbag favourite was initially created to use the pieces of honeycomb left over from making — you guessed it — Violet Crumbles.

Thankfully, no one needs to live in a world without either Violet Crumbles or Bertie Beetles — or, thanks to your next must-try cocktail, without Violet Crumble espresso martinis, too. The latter has just hit the market thanks to the Melbourne-based Feminaè Beverage Co, and it is indeed exactly what it sounds like. Now it’s the way your caffeinated boozy tipple shatters that matters, too.

Sold in hefty two-litre ready-to-drink casks, the VC espresso martinis are made with cold-drip coffee, vodka and Australian cream, and then infused with Violet Crumble honeycomb, caramel and chocolate flavours. A box will set you back $79.90, and includes 24 standard drinks — for parties, or just to keep in the fridge for when the urge strikes.

You’ll also get a Violet Crumble bar to shatter over the cocktails — or just to eat if you’d prefer. (Let’s face it, if you’re keen on this kind of espresso martini, you’re already a fiend for the chocolate bar itself.)

Feminaè is only releasing a limited run, which means ordering sooner rather than latter is recommended — and they’re already shipping the casks out.

The company also has a passionfruit and pavlova cosmo in its range — now sold out, sadly — if you’re already thinking about what other sweet treats deserve to be turned into cocktails. Our suggestion: Bertie Beetles, naturally.

Feminaè Beverage Co’s Violet Crumble espresso martini casks are available to buy online for $79.90 while stocks last.

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