Hendrick’s Gin ‘A Journey Most Unusual’ – the ultimate immersive sensory experience.

Hendrick’s Gin
📷 Anna K | Hendrick’s Gin

Today marks the launch of a brand-new theatrical experience from Hendrick’s Gin, inviting the public to discover the peculiar tale of the world’s most unusual gin brand. In partnership with leading theatrical collective Broad Encounters, ‘A Most Unusual Journey’ is a first-of-its-kind production that will take over Sydney’s iconic Hotel Palisade. For a limited time only from 25th – 28th August, get set for a show that will transport curious adventurers through a thrilling journey of the senses.

Adventure-seekers will be rewarded with an immersive performance, that unlocks their five senses (and quite possibly even their illusive 6th sense) as they travel through a theatrical world that melds fantasy and reality to discover a truly unusual and tantalising experience. From sight and sound, to touch and smell, guests will play an interactive role in the fun-filled performance as they move from one world to another, discovering the masterful craft behind Hendrick’s Gin with the help of some curious characters.

Be guided by commanding figures including the mysterious Mr Foggerty, scent seller and aromachologist Madame Ruby, and the dark yet playful underworld temptress, Siren, who can hear things from the depths. Set across 6 theatrically designed spaces within the iconic and hauntingly peculiar Hotel Palisade, and with a stellar performing cast of 8, the experience will introduce intrepid travellers to other worlds through song, art, dance, music and of course, tantalising liquid libations in the form of specially curated Hendrick’s Gin cocktails.

Nathan James, Marketing Manager, Hendrick’s Gin said: “This most peculiar of immersive experience allows us to bring the world of Hendrick’s Gin to life. We will lift the veil and invite the curious crowd to uncover the unusual origin story in a way that has never been done before.”

Hendrick’s Gin’s story perfectly embodies that adage ‘fortune favours the bold’, and in this new experience we invite audiences to fortify themselves with that same boldness and take a most unusual journey with us. Guests will be given the opportunity to sample our delectable cocktails as they unlock their senses and meet key characters that embody our story.” 

Kirsten Siddle, Director of Broad Encounters, said: “Hendrick’s Gin is in a class of its own – innovative, unusual, ambitious, bold, audacious – all the qualities that Broad Encounters, as an immersive theatre maker, prides itself on. As a result, this partnership, and the journey to create this extraordinary experience, has been a complete thrill. A Journey Most Unusual will be a remarkable experience that blends forms, shatters conventions, transforms the Hotel Palisade and inspires imagination. Indeed, A Journey Most Unusual may well be the most peculiar journey audiences may ever embark upon!”

Journey Most Unusual will be showing at Hotel Palisade from 25th to 28th August. Tickets are available at ajourneymostunusual.com for $50 inclusive of booking fees. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Broad Encounters via Australian Cultural Fund, helping to facilitate the theatrical collective’s future works.

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