AFL 2022 Round 6 LIVE updates: Essendon, Collingwood prepare for Anzac Day as Patrick McCartin goes off with concussion in Swans win,

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The run sheet for the MCG today

Here is the run sheet of pre-game ceremonies and music for the MCG today ahead of Essendon v Collingwood at 3.20pm.

Scott Pendlebury and Dyson Heppell show the jumper designs for Anzac Day 2022.

Scott Pendlebury and Dyson Heppell show the jumper designs for Anzac Day 2022.Credit:Eddie Jim

2022 ANZAC Day pre-match schedule:
12:30pm: Gates open

2:08pm: Air Force Band to perform

2:31pm: Motorcade of Veterans

2.40pm: Lime Cordiale to perform

2.52pm: Umpires enter arena & match day ball presentation

2:54pm: Collingwood enters arena

2:57pm: Essendon enters arena

2:59pm: Joint banner run through.

3.08pm: Anzac Day Official Observance Ceremony

3.18pm: Coin toss

3.20pm: Match commences

‘A different feel altogether’: Buckley says Anzac Day different

Collingwood great Nathan Buckley is commentating with Fox Footy today and he has described this game as different to any other that an AFL player can play in.

There will be first-time players in today’s game and the players are about to stand for the pre-game ceremony.

“It’s a different feel altogether to any other game,” Buckley said.

FT: Sydney Swans 16.13 (109) d Hawthorn Hawks 10.8 (68)

The Sydney Swans have dominated the final term and snatched a win from Hawthorn who led for much of the game but couldn’t keep with them when the game was there to be won.

The Swans were well-served by the likes Chad Warner, Ben Ronke, Errol Gulden and others who stepped up when the game was there to be won while Lance Franklin kicked two late goals to make sure his side took the points.

The talking point will be a concussion to Swans defender Patrick McCartin who returned this season for a series of concussions which threatened his career, whether this knock again sees him consider his future we will wait and see.

Harry Cunningham (left) and Chad Warner celebrate a goal.

Harry Cunningham (left) and Chad Warner celebrate a goal.Credit:AFL Photos via Getty Images

Franklin goals, Swans are home

Lance Frankin has kicked his third goal and the Swans lead has gone out to 29 points with just 90 seconds to go.

The Swans have been exceptional in this last term and that is with two key position players off the field.

Swans 97, Hawks 68.


Magpies, Bombers on the field at the MCG

Collingwood and Essendon have run out onto the MCG with a big crowd building steadily.

I can see fans sitting in the seats at the top of the Shane Warne Stand and Ponsford Stand so we should be set for a very big afternoon.

The joint banner is flying high and Lime Cordial has finished their set on the musical stage.

The Anzac ceremony is just minutes away.

Ronke goals, McDonald ruled out

Ben Ronke has kicked two late goals for the Swans which has likely given them the win with five minutes to go.

Franklin brought the ball to ground and Ronke ended up with the ball and snapped the goal, he followed it with another major soon after.

Swans forward Logan McDonald has been ruled out with a concussion, they only have three bench players left for the final minutes.

Swans 91, Hawks 68 with five mins to go.

Florent kicks key goal

Oliver Florent has added to the Swans lead with a clutch goal with seven minutes to go.

Florent caught a handball and had one step to get his snap kick away and he did it with class finding the middle of the goals.

The Swans have had six scoring shots to one in this last term.

Swans 79, Hawks 68 with seven mins to go.


Franklin puts Swans ahead

Swans star Lance Franklin has marked in the forward pocket after an exceptional kick from Errol Gulden.

Franklin went back and kicked the goal and now his side are in front. He has kicked two goals today.

Swans 73, Hawks 68 with nine mins to go.

Hawks lead entering last 10 minutes

Hawthorn and Sydney are playing out an exciting finish with the Hawks holding a slim lead entering the last 10 minutes.

Swans young gun Chad Warner has just kicked a running goal to cut the lead to a point.

Hawks 68, Swans 67 with 11 mins to go.

Chad Warner is tackled.

Chad Warner is tackled.Credit:Getty Images

Patrick McCartin out with concussion, McDonald getting tested

Swans defender Patrick McCartin has gone out of the game against Hawthorn with a concussion

The Swans have subbed him out and there isn’t any further information at the moment but McCartin returned to the field this season from multiple concussions which threatened his career.

The Swans have told Fox Footy that McCartin has failed his concussion test.

Logan McDonald has also gone off the field for a concussion test after came off second best in a marking contest.


Medical subs named for Magpies v Bombers

Neither side has made a late change with Nick Hind (Essendon) and Callum Brown (Collingwood) the medical subs for today.

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