Dirty Dancing in Concert


Pairing movies with music is no longer new news, but the latest event that’s serving up that combo is hoping for two things. Firstly, it’s betting on a whole lot of love for Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing up a storm in a classic 1987 romantic drama. Secondly, when it comes to getting excited about seeing that now 35-year-old flick on a big screen with its soundtrack performed live, it’s hoping that you’ve never felt like this before.

Obviously, Dirty Dancing in Concert wants to give you the time of your life as well — and to not only let you celebrate one of Swayze’s biggest and most charming film roles, but to immerse you in the movie from the moment you take your seat. No one will be carrying watermelons or checking into Kellerman’s Mountain House in the Catskills, but the digitally remastered feature will grace the big screen, and a live band and singers will perform its iconic songs as it plays.

Just as swoon-worthy: the fact that those musicians will stick around afterwards to headline a party that’ll naturally have you singing and dancing. If you’re feeling adventurous and inspired by the movie, you might even want to try to recreate the famous lift.

Here, nobody will put you or Francis ‘Baby’ Houseman in a corner — and you’d be just a fool to believe otherwise. Your hungry eyes will soak in Baby’s first taste of dirty dancing, her eager rehearsals and her growing infatuation with Johnny Castle, as well as her parents’ bitter unhappiness about the entire situation.

This blast-from-the-past affair is touring Australia this winter, hitting the Darling Harbour Theatre at ICC Sydney on Saturday, June 18

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