One of the Creators of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Made a Snake-Hunting Sitcom and It’s Coming to Stan

Let’s call it the sitcom effect: when you watch enough episodes of a TV comedy and suddenly get inspiration to change your life. Maybe you binged Friends and started hanging out in coffee shops more often. Perhaps you saw Parks and Recreation and became obsessed with breakfast foods, working for the parks department, whisky and tiny horses. Or, Schitt’s Creek might’ve had you wanting to open your own motel or apothecary, or star in a horror movie about attacking crows (or just saying “eww” a lot).

Whichever fits, we’ve all been there. Taking a few cues from upcoming sitcom Killing It mightn’t be the best idea, though — unless you want to start hunting snakes. That’s exactly what the series is about, because TV comedies really can be about anything. And if you’re wondering why it should pique your interest beyond its concept, we’re sure its off- and on-screen talent will do just that.

The last time that Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici made television together, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the end result — with Goor one of its co-creators and Del Tredici an executive producer. If that’s not enticing enough, their new reptile-focused show also stars The Office’s Craig Robinson (another B99 alum, too), as well as Aussie comedian Claudia O’Doherty (Love, Sarah’s Channel, Our Flag Means Death).

Robinson keeps his first name on-screen here, playing a man with a dream — chasing the American dream, in fact — but very little luck. Then he gets in a rideshare driven by O’Doherty’s Jillian, and is quite shocked when she stops mid-trip to casually swing a hammer at a python, as you do. It’s a lucrative business, she informs him in her Aussie accent, and he’s soon as intrigued as you likely will be while watching the series’ first trailer.

Killing It isn’t just about snake hunting, though. Like most shows and movies that ponder the American dream, it’s also about class and capitalism. And yes, it’s just the kind of series that was always likely to land in this post-Tiger King world — because the combination of critters, cash and entrepreneurship is rife with possibilities, and also has plenty to say about the US today.

Stan subscribers will be able to watch the results from Friday, April 15, which is when Killing It starts streaming — arriving at the same time locally as it does in the US.

Also, whatever premise it had, any series that teamed up Robinson and O’Doherty was always going to be a must-see — slaying snakes or not.

Check out the trailer for Killing It below:

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Killing It will start streaming in Australia via Stan on Friday, April 15.

Images: Skip Bolen/Peacock.

Published on March 29, 2022 by Sarah Ward

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