Thunderbolts Lookout

If you’re in Barrington Tops, your trip won’t be complete without a moment or two at the top of a scenic lookout. Offering all-encompassing views of the stunning landscape, you can gauge a sense of the region as a whole.

Thunderbolts lookout showcases the gorgeous plateau region between Scone and Gloucester, dense with Antarctic beech trees and moss-covered forest floors. Nearby is Devils Hole lookout, which sits at an altitude of 1400 metres and offers breathtaking views of the dense forestry and undulating mountains beyond.

Elsewhere, Careys Peak is at the end of an invigorating walking track that will take you through heavily wooded country before giving way to a peak in the Williams Range, where you can survey the ground you’ve just traversed from a cracking lookout spot.

Image: Don Fuchs

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