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Before the pandemic, compiling a travel bucket list was limited only to your imagination. Now, after years of international border closures, and also the shutting down of overseas travel into and out of many countries, it’s also guided by COVID-19 rules, requirements, restrictions and entry procedures. But if you’ve been keen to add Bali to your itinerary, the Indonesian island has good news: it’s now open to double-vaccinated Australian and New Zealand tourist without quarantine.

Back in February, Bali started welcoming back select tourists — including folks from Down Under — but with a shortened isolation period, requiring arrivals to quarantine for five days once they hit the island. Now, since Monday, March 7, that rule has been scrapped. There’s still mandatory testing, as well as a few other procedures to abide by, but you no longer have to factor in a lengthy stint confined to your hotel before your getaway genuinely kicks into gear.

Firstly, the new rules only apply to travellers who have had at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine — and, in the 48 hours before you get to Bali, you also need to get a PCR test (and, obviously, it needs to return a negative result). Then, thanks to Bali’s newly implemented Visa on Arrival program, you’ll fill out the paperwork and pay the fee (around AU$50) when you hop off the plane, and also take another PCR test. You will need to isolate until you get a negative result from that one, but that’s clearly better than spending five days in quarantine.

Upon arrival, you’ll also need to show proof of a paid hotel booking for four days/three nights, as well as health insurance that covers COVID-19 up to at least US$25,000. And, you’ll have to download the Bali COVID app as well. Then, three days after you get there, you’re required to take another PCR test as well — but there’s no isolation requirement attached.

Countries covered under Bali’s Visa on Arrival program since Monday, March 7 include Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Italy, Turkey and UEA, with the scheme expanding to 42 nations on Monday, March 21.

Indonesia has also just dropped its quarantine requirement nationwide, effective from the same date.

That yearning you now feel? It’s the need to pull out your dusty suitcase, get packing and book yourself a beachy Bali holiday.

For more information about the requirements for travelling to Bali, head to the Indonesian Government’s website.

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