Summer in Cinema: A Film + Gin Festival


Sydney’s intimate, boutique Golden Age Cinema is teaming up with Four Pillars Gin for a mini booze and film festival (aka one of the best kinds of fests there is). Each Wednesday night from February 2–23, the 56-seat Surry Hills spot is hosting double bills paired with gin cocktails.

It’s quite the lineup, too, with a little something for everyone on the bill. The festival is called Summer in Cinema, so that’s the kind of tone it’s going for — so expect pools, beaches, summer holidays, gushing fire hydrants and all-round steamy days to be a big feature.

First up on February 2 is a teen dream-themed double of Dazed and Confused and Almost Famous, with 70s coming-of-age tales clearly getting a whirl. Then, come February 9, it’s time for the pool-centric The Graduate and Boogie Nights — well, the both do feature memorable moments with, in or by pools — which’ll also mark the former’s 55th anniversary and the latter’s 25th.

Next, on February 16, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window will heat up the screen, accompanied by Spike Lee’s iconic Do the Right Thing. And finally, February 23 brings the Miami-set pair that is the Neve Campbell-starring Wild Things and mob standout Scarface.

These flicks will all get a beverage to match, made with Four Pillar’s juniper spirits. The first screenings each evening kick off at 6pm, then the second starts between 8.10–8.20pm — but we suggest you get there a little earlier for the drinks.

Tickets cost $22.50 for each film.

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Top image: Cassandra Hannagan.

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