Ocean Film Festival World Tour 2022


There’s something oh-so-relaxing about staring at the sea, even if you’re feasting your eyes on the water via the big screen. That’s the concept behind the Ocean Film Festival Australia. You can’t always spend all your time at the beach, by the river or in a pool — but you can spend an evening peering at the next best thing in a cinema.

On select dates in March, screening at either 6.30pm or 7pm depending on the venue, the festival will unleash a cinematic feast of water-focused wonders onto the silver screen at various venues around Sydney. Head to the Randwick Ritz Cinemas on Tuesday, March 1, the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne from Wednesday, March 2–Friday, March 4 and United Cinemas at Opera Quays from Wednesday, March 9–Thursday, March 10.

Film-wise, viewers will spend time both above and below the ocean’s surface thanks to a compilation of shorts from around the world. Expect to chase big waves, explore a range of sea life and get a hefty ocean rush, plus a heap of other sea adventures.

The program is united by a love of the ocean, an appreciation of the creatures who dwell in its waters and a curiosity to explore the substance that comprises more than two-thirds of the earth. It’s the next best thing to diving in, all without getting wet.

John Kowitz

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