Slim’s Is Australia’s New 50s and 60s-Inspired Burger Chain From the Team Behind Betty’s

When Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co started dishing up burgs, fries and shakes, it gave hungry (and grateful) Australian tastebuds a Shake Shack-style burger experience. The chain has done well with that approach, unsurprisingly, expanding from its Noosa beginnings to now boast joints in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth — and the team behind it are aiming for the same success with new venture Slim’s Quality Burger.

There’s plenty that’s familiar about Slim’s template, in fact. Swap out the Shake Shack nods, substitute in a 50s and 60s-inspired setup that takes its cues from American diner culture, and that’s the new concept. Once again, the focus is on classic-style burgs rather than OTT numbers, which are paired here with old-school ice cream sundaes instead of Betty’s frozen custard ‘concretes’.

Now open in Marrickville in Sydney, with other stores set to come around the country — details of which haven’t yet been revealed — that means a lean menu of options made with simple but quality ingredients. Burger-wise, customers can choose between original, cheeseburger, deluxe cheeseburger and ‘the works’ burgs all made with angus beef, plus five different chicken varieties — including with crispy fried or grilled chook — and a veggie option using a plant-based patty.

Sides focus on fries either with sea salt, loaded with cheese and grilled onion, or also featuring maple-smoked bacon. As for those sundaes, they come in hot fudge, salted caramel and strawberry flavours. And to wash it all down, there are spiders — because plonking a scoop of ice cream in some soft drink never gets old — plus post-mix from the fountain, and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry thickshakes.

And with its vibrant red bench seating, the same hue beaming up from the chequerboard-tiled floor and a curved order counter — in the Marrickville setup at least — the decor clearly takes Slim’s chosen retro aesthetic seriously. Also a feature in Sydney: outdoor dining, plus a blast from the past-meets-modern overall feel.

Slim’s Quality Burger has opened its first store at 20 Smidmore Street, Marrickville, with more locations to come across Australia — we’ll update you when new sites are announced.

Published on January 19, 2022 by Sarah Ward

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