Aerial Spectacular Thaw Features in the 2022 Sydney Festival

Legs On The Wall will debut its new work, THAW, as a feature of the 2022 Sydney Festival program.

Three aerialists act in relay over 10 hours a day atop a massive 2.7tonne iceberg hung 20 metres above the waters of Sydney Harbour, at the foot of the Sydney Opera House, in a death-defying look at the current climate problem.

Each woman, alone on the ice, scrambles to protect the gigantic edifice as it melts in the Sydney summer heat, disintegrating throughout the day. This work asks us to reckon with our own involvement in the climate disaster and define our collective commitment to a sustainable future inspired by the performer’s will to survive, as we are unable to look away as her fate hangs in the balance.

THAW is an artful statement on climate change and our shared sense of urgency for action,” said Legs On The Wall’s Artistic Director Joshua Thomson. “Art can be an amazing way for audiences to experience and engage with real issues and we’re hoping that people come away from THAW with an increased desire to take action against climate change.”

THAW was inspired by a past Helpmann Award-winning work of Thomson’s. In 2017, along with Gavin Webber and The Farm, Thompson premiered TIDE, a 49-hour durational work set in an estuary on a sandbar in Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast for Bleach. The sand bar was either underwater or fully exposed, which was affected by the tides. The idea with THAW was to take this concept much further working with artists Vicki Van Hout, Isabel Estrella and Victoria Hunt, to explore environmental shifts due to dramatic climate changes.

Legs On The Wall has launched their own impact strategy and campaign in order to mobilise audiences and reduce the work’s environmental impact. Legs On The Wall, a key component of this plan, is standing in solidarity with Seed, Australia’s Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

Enough Talk, a soapbox series where notable thinkers and campaigners join registered members of the public to give their voice on climate change action, will be held at the Sydney Opera House Talks and Ideas.

Audience members will be given a little ice cube that will melt away to reveal a personalised call to action, suggesting sensible activities each person can do to address climate change, as a beautiful echo of the THAW performance.

“It was important to us that we went beyond the spectacle of performance with THAW,” said Thomson. “This show is a moment for us to explore things on a deeper level and encourage people to think about the part they can play in bringing about positive change.”

Audience members who can’t make it to the show and lovers of Slow TV can tune in to THAW Cam for the entire 10 hour performance livestreamed on Sydney Opera House Stream platform and as part of Sydney Festival’s At Home digital program.

What: Legs On The Wall presents THAW
When: Fri 14, Sat 15, Sun 16 January 2022, as a part of Sydney Festival, Co-presented by Sydney Opera House
Start time: 10am
Finish time: 8.30pm
Cost: FREE

Additional programme:
ENOUGH TALK, 11am-1pm & 2pm-4pm, Sun 16 Jan, Drama Theatre Foyers, Sydney Opera House. FREE
THAW Cam Livestream, 10am -8.30pm, Sat 15 Jan. FREE


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