The Most Clicked-On Sydney Bars of 2021

Whether you’re craving a decadent cocktail or a well-executed classic, Sydney has the answer. From old favourites to new spots, this fair city of ours knows how to cater to your beverage dreams. And, at some of them, they might even cook you up a feast for the ages while you sip inventive concoctions, local brews or world-class wines — or pair your sips with stunning rooftop vistas.

That’s the type of fun you went searching for in 2021, and these are the results. Our most-viewed bars and pubs of the year provides a snapshot of your recent faves, as well as a roadmap of places to visit if you haven’t yet.

All that’s left is to head back to your pick of the bunch and say cheers to Sydney’s most popular watering holes — as chosen by your busily clicking fingers throughout the past 12 months.

Top image: Steven Woodburn

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