Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner


Explore the connection between the online and IRL, as well as the role of the internet in societal inequality — all thanks to the latest production from Sydney theatre gems Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Green Door Theatre Company.

Directed by Bardi and Jabirr Jabirr woman Shari Sebbens (Top End Wedding, The Sapphires), starring Vivienne Awosoga and Moreblessing Maturure, and supported by an all-female production team, Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner follows an argument between two friends over the eponymous influencer and her supposed ‘self-made billionaire’ status. Exploring the commodification of Black women and exploitive nature of white capitalism, as well as the politics of social media activism, the production combines on-stage performances with gifs and memes.

“Racial gaslighting. Colourism. Homophobia. Online trolling. Cultural appropriation. Memes. This play leaves no stone unturned,” says Green Floor Theatre Company Co-Creative Producer Bernedette Fam.

Penned by Jasmine Lee-Jones, the Olivier Award-nominated play is returning after a successful first run of shows in 2021 with a second Darlinghurst run and a set of western Sydney shows at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre. As part of Sydney Festival, the production will run from Thursday, January 6–Sunday, January 9 at the Riverside Theatre before returning to Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s Eternity Playhouse between Thursday, January 13 and Sunday, January 30.

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