Why I Don’t Recommend Linktree

I’ve been a fan of Linktree for quite some time, however, recently, the tech company left me in an embarrassing situation, and I will not forgive them. I first noticed something was wrong when I received an email saying they were sorry to see me go. I pondered on this because I did not cancel my account.

All I could think of is that I also posted a link to a famous doctor on YouTube that gave some great advice about this ‘’pandemic’. He has over 1 million subscribers. I am not hyperlinking because I don’t want any strife from other Big Tech companies. Censorship is rampant with Big Tech at the time of writing this post.

The fees for the premium account are around AUD 8 a month, so it’s not much, and my last payment was on 7th December. Today is 21st December, and this confused me. I sent a reply that I did not cancel my subscription. Then I looked at my Linktree link, and sure enough, there was this!

To my surprise, I got a reply from “Sy” at Linktree saying they would investigate.

Then I received another email telling me they had made a mistake, and my account was reinstated now. Yes, it was reinstated but not as a premium account; I had lost that and all my images and links.

I wrote back to Sy and the reply was just Resolved ! I received no response; however, my Linktree remains live but not as a premium I have paid, and I don’t care it is only a few dollars it is the principle.

There are many things you can do in the world when obstacles cross your path, and my favourite is to listen to my late dad’s advice: “When life kicks you in the face and knocks you down, stand back up and kick it back twice as hard”. So I did!

I decided I no longer needed to support this awful company, and I created a links share on my website. It will drive more traffic straight to my website, and it has saved me $8.00 a month. Big deal, it’s not a lot of money, but hey, it is $8.00 back in my account, not Linktree’s.

Thanks, “Sy” for the inspiration to write this post. Good job! You might want to ask your employer if you can have some training in customer service. It will help your career.

I researched Linktree and other similar apps and read articles about how Instagram may consider many of these links spam.

Anyway, I’ve created a unique link share on my website. No doubt you could do the same and save some money. I’ve simply used the URL in my bio’s around the internet.

One message I would like to make clear in this article is that no matter how big your boots get if you annoy the people that fund your business, that is bad PR.

Finally, I did a lot of research today on different companies, and there are alternatives out there. Do your research before you sign up for any premium app. My most robust advice is to stand out from the crowd and build your link list as I did on your website. After all, why send traffic and money to a Big Tech with zero respect for their clients when you can take complete control yourself?

Happy Days.

Posted by WordPress Guru