Imperfect Recipes – Vol. Taco

Mic test; 1,2.

Does this website still work (because you bet your ass my fingers haven’t been working on a blog post for at least 11 months).

Hi, it’s me: Isaac. I used to write analogies, jokes, puns and occasionally write about restaurants as well. Instead of writing those blog posts that 5 of you looked forward to reading on a semi-regular basis, I decided to do something else this year:

Take my career seriously

Buy a house

Be a better son

Write a taco recipe book that absolutely no one asked for

Oh and yes, it’s out today. Download/read it HERE.

Wow, really should’ve marketed it better not that I’m actually selling this. Oh yeah, it’s FREE. Yes, I’m about that life and I’m not about to charge someone to read me making taco puns and somehow incorporating a Rick and Morty joke into a Salmon Tostada recipe (yes, that’s in there).

Hopefully you enjoy it (possible), use it (doubtful), share it (100 to 1) and please let me know what you think (or at least lie and say you liked the pretty pictures).

Until next time!

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