The Trailer for New Aussie Fantasy Series ‘Firebite’ Gives Slaying Vampires an Indigenous Twist

In every generation, there might be a chosen one — vampire slayer, that is — but in the Australian outback, there’s now Indigenous bloodhunters. That’s the premise behind one of the most promising new local shows of the year, Firebite, which brings undead battles to the South Australian desert with a huge list of top-notch Aussie talent.

You know you’re watching an Aussie vampire series — or even simply viewing the just-dropped trailer for it — when the words “take that you bloodsucking bastards” are uttered. That’s just one of the highlights of Firebite‘s first sneak peek, though. Also worth getting excited about: the stacked cast, which includes Rob Collins (The Drover’s Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson) and Shantae Barnes-Cowan (Total Control) as the show’s Indigenous Australian vampire killers, plus Callan Mulvey (Shadow in the Cloud) as the king vamp of the last undead colony in SA, and also Yael Stone (Orange is the New Black) as well.

Behind the lens, Firebite hails from one of Australia’s finest filmmakers — Samson and Delilah, Sweet Country and The Beach director Warwick Thornton, who returns to the small screen after helming and starring in the latter, and also working on the second season of Mystery Road. Fellow Aussie directors Brendan Fletcher (Mad Bastards) and Tony Krawitz (The Tall Man, Dead Europe) are also involved, giving the Firebite three exceptional local helmers in one show.

The trailer serves up more than a bit of a Mad Max vibe, but with vampires and Indigenous Aussies fighting back — and how it’ll unfurl will be revealed come Thursday, December 16. The show is headed to AMC+, the new streaming bundle that just launched Down Under in November, and will drop new episodes every week.

And yes, it’s going to be a big few months for watching Australia’s parched landscape on the screen, following the Jamie Dornan-starring mystery series The Tourist and the Zac Efron-led thriller flick Gold. But again, because it can’t be celebrated enough, this is the only Aussie Indigenous vampire horror-fantasy show you’ll be adding to your streaming queue.

Check out the Firebite trailer below:

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Firebite starts streaming via AMC+ on Thursday, December 16.

Images: Ian Routledge/AMC+.

Published on December 10, 2021 by Sarah Ward

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