Limited-Edition Grey Goose® Vodka Night Vision Bottle

In the spirit of playful events shared with good friends, GREY GOOSE® Vodka has partnered with Australia’s master of entertaining- actor and model, Christian Wilkins, to launch the illuminated GREY GOOSE® Vodka Night Vision bottle.

With the end-of-year social calendar filling up fast, this limited-edition bottle has been specially crafted to be the ultimate holiday season gift. Captured in exquisite matt blue glass, incorporating the distinctive GREY GOOSE® logo, the 1 Litre illuminated bottle makes an impressive statement!

Bold and sophisticated, the GREY GOOSE® Vodka Night Vision bottle is a gift to be shared. Whether it be a dinner party, New Year’s celebration or intimate event, this lavish present is an undeniable crowd pleaser.

Christian Wilkins, dinner party extraordinaire, offers his personal guide for hosts and guests to play their part in making any event as unique as the illuminated GREY GOOSE® bottle itself.

“There is a bigger focus on home-entertaining and sharing special moments with friends then ever before. When I’m hosting, I’m immediately thinking about how to make it an unforgettable night. For me that means, stimulating conversations, good tunes, and quality food and drink”.

Wilkins continues “A good welcome drink is definitely a must, whether it be shaken, stirred, spritzed, nothing says versatility like Grey Goose®”.

To celebrate the limited-edition product, Christian shares his ultimate

tips on how to create a dinner party to remember for Hosts and Guests to play their part.

5 Hot Tips to be the ultimate host:

1. Everyone loves the drama of a freshly shaken cocktail, have on hand: vermouth, lemons, lychee in a can, olive brine, pickle brine and some cold coffee for easily adaptable various GREY GOOSE® vodka martinis, that can take you from welcoming your guests, to classic dinner drinks to a post dinner party starter.


2. Chill your glassware beforehand. There’s nothing more refreshingly inviting than receiving an ice cold welcome drink, especially if it’s made with GREY GOOSE® vodka of course!

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting, you have no idea how much you can get away with when the ambiance is parfais. It doesn’t need to be expensive, tea lights in old candles and a few pillar candles will do the trick, it elevates the surroundings for an intimate feel.

4. A quality playlist, it sounds obvious, but music can make or break a night. If your playlist is too short, you’re guaranteed for it to spontaneously end just as one guest is saying something embarrassing. Create a playlist that “travels” through the night, from welcoming people to being energetic enough to encourage good conversation. By the time dinner is finished and George Michael comes on I personally like to see everyone up and dancing.

5. Most importantly, relax, enjoy yourself and DON’T apologise for your food. No one worth caring about actually cares in you over charred the aubergine or the dessert didn’t set. You made an effort, and that’s what matters so make sure to be part of the party not just observing from a smoking kitchen…

Hot Tips for Guests, to bring to the party:

1. A Martini kit, GREY GOOSE® vodka bottle, lemons, olives and brine, shaker and strainer – set up cocktail making to help your host out. Make an entrance!

2. Candles, yes yes, I know but find something local and artisanal, plus the smell will always remind them of you and it’s always appreciated.

3. Gift a recommended book – just make sure that unless you know the host REALLY well, it’s not a cookbook, because that might not go down well.

4. Flowers, with vase! It might sound odd but relieves the host of having to fuss finding one. 5. What to bring when you’re told, don’t bring a thing? Gift a chilled GREY GOOSE® Vodka Night Vision bottle for fun on the night and one for the host to sip later at their leisure.

GREY GOOSE® LIMITED EDITION NIGHT VISION BOTTLE – 1L – From RRP $90.00, available in selected bottles shop including BWS, Liquorland and First Choice nationally.

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