Le Diner en Blanc Sydney 2022


“Your nose like a delicious slope of cream / And your ears like cream flaps / And your teeth like hard shiny pegs of cream.” Le Diner en Blanc — like Howard Moon’s poem — will have you in all white. But sorry, Booshers: this Sydney event is just for the sophisticated.

Now popping up all around the world, the Diner en Blanc began in Paris three decades ago thanks to François Pasquier and friends. In 2022, Sydney’s creme de la creme will once again dress in all-white on Saturday, February 26 and flock along, with the event held at a predictably stunning location that remains secret until the very last moment.

Following an evening of elegance, fine dining and live music, the foodies then pack up their crystal, dinnerware, tables, chairs and litter. Like ghosts (white ‘n’ all), they leave behind no sign of their rendezvous. That said, don’t get any ideas — a white sheet thrown over your figure will not do for an outfit.

Le Diner en Blanc guests must either be invited by a member from the previous event, or get on the waiting list for a ticket — with the latter open for registrations now.

And, if you’re wondering what the event entails — other than eating, drinking and wearing white and white only — you’ll need to bring a table and two white chairs with you, as well as your own picnic basket, glassware, white tablecloth and white dinnerware. You can order a catered picnic, though, if you don’t want to bring your own. Booze-wise, you’ll either need to opt for wine or champagne via the event’s e-store, or be happy bringing your own non-alcoholic beverages.

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