The 7 Best Summer Accessories to wear in AUS in 2022

It’s quite literally the best time of the year. Lockdown is over, summer is fast approaching, and the holidays are awaiting. After months where workout gear was just about the only thing we remembered we owned in our wardrobe, suddenly socialising and venturing outdoors is a thing again. Perhaps it’s this extended time in hibernation that has made the Summer 2022 trends so flamboyant! Either way, we are so here for it. The bigger and bolder, the better, we say. Read on for our top tips on how to work the summer accessories trends into the new year.

7 Summer Accessories You *Need* in 2022

It’s time to channel serious OTT vibes because, girl, we are bringing it in 2022. From barely-there makeup, leggings and baggy jumpers (obviously we forgot what accessories looked like these last few months) to dazzling, shimmery, fantastic accessories in 2022. These are our top 7 ways to rock the new season’s trends.

A Little Party Bag

If your social calendar looks like ours for the next few months, we’re sure you’ve got your fair share of parties to attend. From rescheduled birthdays to festivities around Christmas and not to even mention postponed weddings, the need for a party bag this season is dire! Stick with this season’s all things OTT vibe and choose something gold, shimmery, beaded and fun.

Feathers Galore

We’re going to go ahead and take a punt that you probably haven’t worn feathers in the last six months or so. Well, now is the time! The best way to work this is with a feather headpiece. It ticks all the boxes on the big and bold front and is a surefire way to add a little interest to your look. Whether you’re attending a dress-up 1920s party, a Christmas party or want to add some colour and spice – this is the way to do it.

Glitter Box Bag

Okay, if we’re honest, this is probably our favourite way to channel the summer 2022 trend. It’s so far from lockdown and day in, day out on the couch that we are just obsessed with having a glitter bag. There are lots of different styles, from structured box bags to cinderella style handle bags, but the key is they’re shiny and shimmery and, above all else, fun! We particularly love the bridal and bridesmaid glitter bags from Olga Berg that embody this idea of dazzling statement accessories for summer 2022 that we see on the runways.

Metallic Headband

This is a super easy way to add a little touch of the extravagance of the summer season trend without looking too over the top. Wearing a metallic headband this season has never been so easy. It’ll work just as well with jeans and a tee as it will with a full party dress. Choose from rose gold, silver or gold metallic mesh headbands or incorporate silver chains into your look.

The Wide Brimmed Hat

We’re going slightly off trend here to remind you that a hat is always a must for daytime outdoor activities. Keep with the theme of OTT, though with a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat from Olga Berg. The vibe wearing one of these beauties is Sunday picnic style with friends and a glass of bubbles. Choose from either a white or black lace adornment and matching pearl beads to boot.

Halo Headband

An embellished halo headband is another easy way to work the summer trend into your wardrobe. A beautiful halo will draw attention to you and emphasise your hairstyle. Consider it just like a modern-day crown; you can go as small or as big and bold as suits you! The halo headband is one to pull out for any postponed weddings, birthday parties or cocktail parties on the horizon.

Shimmery silver clutch

Nothing dazzles quite like a shimmery silver clutch. From cute and structured box clutches to handle bags with tassels for extra embellishment, there are so many options to find the perfect one for you that will work for your outfit over the summer. Shimmery silver clutch bags are party-ready bags, so we wouldn’t normally wear them daily, but we say go for it if it works for you!

Ready to exchange your sneakers for a cute wedge heel and dust off your party dresses? The summer season has never looked so bright!

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