How to improve the value of your home with renovations

As an owner your home is a safe haven, it is your escape from the world. The place you chose to live reflects how it makes you feel. We all have our own design aesthetic when it comes to the layout of our homes and yes, we can admit some can be a hit or a miss, we’ve all had a go a Pinterest DIY tips.

When it comes to design and renovations of a property, you’re not only creating a space unique to you but you’re increasing the potential and that alone can add value to your property at the end of the day.

As a homeowner, your home is your biggest asset and looking after your home is a long-term investment. Whether you wish to renovate for your own interests, or you’ve decided to renovate as a potential to sell your property. Any changes you decide to do on your property may have a positive or negative impact on the value. And not all renovations will work in the best interests of your financials and future investment.

Seeking out professional advice with any property related queries is vital in your financial positioning for the future. Independent valuation firms throughout Sydney, are known for their highly qualified residential property valuers that guarantee a tailored service to best suit your requirements.

As a homeowner you are probably asking yourself, how can I add value to my property to increase the worth of my investment?

If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, you have two options: to sell your house firstly “as is” so no changes since the day you purchased the property, secondly, you can decide to renovate or make small changes to your home that can create a maximum impact not only on the appearance of the property but the value as well.

There are numerous ideas for home renovations you can follow but knowing what will benefit your property best is important. Having a budget and plan for your renovation will give you a clear idea of the amount of work that needs to be done as well as what rooms in your home need the most work.

Your budget is important when it comes to renovations, you don’t want to be spending high amounts of money on the renovations which will add value to your property, but the number won’t reflect on the sale if you’ve spent more than you wanted the added value.

Here are a few home renovation ideas to consider:

First Impressions Count

When you walk up to a property the first thing you see is the overall look of the place, and sometimes this can be off putting for potential buyers, and it gives you a sense of what can be expected on the inside. Something as simple as repainting the house both the exterior and interior can change the house’s appeal completely. Painting and decluttering your home is the fastest, easiest and most affordable of home renovations options, but the impact is tremendous.

Stick to bright neutral colours to give a sense of new, creating a mood throughout the home, each space is unique, but you want the house as a whole to be a continuous flow of unity.


The kitchen and bathroom are the top areas of a home that sells a property. if your budget allows for a renovation on a big sale, e.g., a complete redo of the kitchen and bathroom, then we say go for it. If not, small changes still have a major impact. New cabinetry, fittings, and fixtures. Making the space feel bigger than what it is with unique additions of storage is a bonus for any homeowner. Updating the design of your house as a whole gives your property a feeling of newness. This would be painting and maybe even new flooring through the house is an option that most owners change with their home.

Home Office

With the world today, more of us are working from home, in the past there was no need for a home office, but as years go by this has been proven to be handy. Creating a dedicated home office is a unique addition to a home that a potential buyer or owner would find appealing. Whether you have a spare room or even a deep cupboard/corner nook within the lounge/dining area, creating a space dedicated to your work has never been easier.

Green Fingers

And lastly, another top renovation idea that can add value to your home is making improvements to the exterior of your property, as we mentioned prior painting the outside of your home will improve the overall appeal, another option is the garden both front and back.

A big cleanout of the garden is important, as this will give you a clear idea of what improvements need to be made. It could be something as simple as replanting trees, flowers, cutting the grass and updating the outdoor furniture. The key to exterior improvements is to create a more beautiful and more functional space. As more time is being spent at home, having a space to escape with family outside is a bonus.

Final words

Finding simple tricks to create a unique space that stands out and again will add value to your property is the outcome you hope to achieve. How you go about the process starts with a plan, budget and seeking out professional advice on what decisions would best benefit your requirements when it comes to a presale valuation.

Finding a property valuation company that works with you to determine the true value and giving you an insight into the future potential of your property. Finding a valuer that is experienced and provides a service with the highest quality standards to conduct a thorough inspection, providing a detailed comprehensive report, with all information of your property as well as the local market comparisons of properties similar to yours. Having a trusted firm in your corner will ensure you get the valuation service you deserve.

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