Five Classic HBO Shows That You Really Should’ve Binged Your Way Through By Now

Before real-life American politics started to resemble a farce, HBO’s seven-season comedy Veep got there first — and gave the country a female Vice President before 2020’s historic election results, too. Starring the always-exceptional Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Senator-turned-VP Selina Meyer, this quick-witted show parodies everything about US government, elections and politics. It was created by renowned Scottish satirist Armando Iannucci, who did the same thing in the UK with The Thick Of It, and it’s both razor-sharp and sublimely hilarious.

Veep is also impressively cast, with Louis-Dreyfus winning six consecutive Emmy Awards for her work, and her co-stars proving just as deserving of awards. Tony Hale might be best known for Arrested Development, but he’s pitch-perfect as Selina’s body man Gary. Also, when Hugh Laurie shows up, Veep manages to find a new level of comedy.


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