The Cars From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Are Up for Auction If You Need a Shiny and Chrome New Ride

Maybe you first saw Mad Max: Fury Road in a cinema, with engine roars echoing through the theatre, and cars racing and crashing across the big screen. Perhaps you initially watched the exceptional Aussie flick — the best action movie of this century, and the best Australian film of the same period as well — at home. So, you felt all that revving reverberating through your lounge room. Whichever fits, there’s no way that you can ever forget the experience. Fury Road arrived after three decades of anticipation, and it well and truly delivered beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. There’s zero chance that you’ve forgotten its many vehicles, either, because this is a film that knows how to get fast and furious (yes, even more so than that other franchise).

Can’t get those cars out of your head? Love movie history, and keen to own a piece of it? Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers have just the thing for you, then, with 13 vehicles from Fury Road going under the hammer.

Yes, if you need new ride that’s all shiny and chrome, you can get your hands on the Nux car, the Doof Wagon, the War Rig, the Pole Car, the Fire Car and more. Read those names, and you already know which vehicles we’re talking about. When the great George Miller, Fury Road‘s director — and the filmmaker behind the entire Mad Max franchise — dreamed up these sets of wheels, he truly came up with movie cars for the ages.

Obviously, the Fury Road vehicles aren’t going to come cheap. But if you somehow have the necessary cash, they’ll be up for auction across the weekend of Saturday, September 25–Sunday, September 26 — and, as they’re part of a tender, you’ll need to submit an expression of interest first.

Clearly, they’re the best things to drive if you find yourself in a desertscape that’s part of a post-apocalyptic wasteland — or if you want to pretend that’s the case. And, they’re something Mad Max-related to get pumped about until the next movie in the franchise, Furiosa, hits cinemas.

Need a reminder of just how all the vehicles look in the film? Check out the Fury Road trailer below:

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Thirteen cars from Mad Max: Fury Road will be up for auction across the weekend of Saturday, September 25–Sunday, September 26. For further information, head to the Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers website.

Published on September 10, 2021 by Sarah Ward

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