Muscat Master Blender with Pfeiffer Wines

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Visiting a vineyard is special. But getting to a winery has been somewhat challenging this year. So, to makes things a little easier for you, we’re bringing wine country to your home this month with the help of our pals at Pfeiffer Wines.

This September, you can join an online wine blending workshop with the expert team from Rutherglen winery Pfeiffer Wines. Throughout the 90-minute workshop, you’ll get to try four classifications of internationally renowned Rutherglen muscat and two barrel samples. Then, you’ll be guided through how to make your very own muscat blend with a flavour profile tailored to your taste.

To ensure you’ve got everything you need, you’ll be sent a sampling pack filled with all the essentials. Inside the kit you’ll find four 30ml bottles of Rutherglen muscat, two 300ml bottles of barrel samples, a measuring cylinder, a 200ml bottle to build your own concoction in and everything else you need to make your own blend. Just make sure you book in ahead to ensure the pack arrives in time for class.

Sound like a knockout way to spend knock-off drinks? Muscat Master Blender with Pfeiffer Wines will take place at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm on Weekdays throughout September. For more information and to book yourself a spot, visit the website

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