DIY Wine Blending with Delatite Wines

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There’s something special about visiting a vineyard. Seeing the grapes up close and meeting the people who create big kids’ juice makes you appreciate every drop of vino that little bit more. But going to a winery has been a little trickier this year. So, to makes things easier, we’re bringing the high country to your house with Delatite Wine’s DIY Wine Blending class.

On Friday, September 17 and Friday, September 24, you can take part in an online wine blending workshop with Delatite Winery’s David Ritchie and Andy Browning. Throughout the session, you’ll sample the leafy aromatics and blueberry characters of the 2019 cabernet. Then, you’ll get to enjoy the rounded, juicy goodness of the merlot from the same year. You’ll also learn about Delatite’s own wine blending process and discover why it chose to make wine naturally and without filtering. Plus, you’ll be encouraged to make your very own blend to go in the running to win a $150 voucher to spend at the winery’s restaurant (when you’re finally able to visit).

To ensure you’ve got the right goods, you’ll be sent a sampling kit filled with all the essentials. The pack will include four different bottles of Delatite wine, an empty bottle for you to build your own blend in, a measuring cylinder, wine pourer, tasting mat and more. Just make sure you register a week before kick-off to ensure it arrives in time for the class.

Sound like a superior way to kick off your weekend? Delatite Winery’s DIY Wine Blending will take place at 5pm on September 17 and September 24. For more information and to book yourself a spot, visit the website

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