IKEA Is Launching a Pink and Frilly Version of Its Famed (and Super Handy) Frakta Bag

IKEA’s blue-and-yellow Frakta bag has been a shop staple for more than three decades. It has helped carry your purchases of (too many) tea light candles, and proven an integral part of moving house. It’s been used to make everything from masks and boots to bucket hats and even outfits for dogs, and has inspired a $2000 Balenciaga knockoff as well. And now, it’s getting a new colour — so get ready to add a different hue to that pile of bags stuffed in one of your cupboards.

Back in 2019, the Swedish retailer dropped a limited-edition rainbow version of the instantly recognisable, and super versatile bag; however, it was only available for short time. From November this year, IKEA will release a vibrant pink iteration as well, this time as part of a new collaboration with designer Zandra Rhodes.

The vivid Karismatisk bag falls under the Rhodes-designed, 26-piece collection of the same name and, obviously, it’s pink. The colour is bright, and there’s another design flourish you won’t find on the regular blue Frakta, too: side frills.

“It is playful and functional — and the colour pop of pink adds an extra Zandra accent,” said the designer.

The Karismatisk bag will be available to purchase at IKEA stores n Richmond, Rhodes and Logan from November for $3. It’ll also be available online at the same time.

Across the rest of Rhodes’ collection, you can also pick up cushions with eye-catching prints, both blue and pink vases, gold lampshades, and a range of rugs — plus mirrors, LED lighting, and candlestick and tea light candle holders.

The Karismatisk bag will be available to purchase at IKEAs stores in Richmond, Rhodes and Logan from November for $3, and online via the retailer’s website at the same time.

Published on August 25, 2021 by Sarah Ward

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