Cha Ball, Burwood

In my physical prime; I was a cricketer bowling right arm medium slow. From a basketball perspective, I was a shooting guard who couldn’t really shoot.

However, due to a bad back, bad knees and the slow detirioration of my my already low skill level: I don’t ball anymore. Instead I spend my retirement Cha Ball-ing instead.

burwood chinatown
Cha Ball is located in Burwood Chinatown aka Cybertron

Located in the buzzing Burwood Chinatown district (why does it sound like I took a real estate writing course), Cha Ball might be home to the best desserts in all of Burwood.

cha ball burwood
Home of bubble tea, souffle pancakes and my heart

They specialise in milk tea and souffle pancakes.

Wait, that’s underselling it.

They specialise in milk tea and FREAKING AMAZING souffle pancakes. The souffle pancakes come in a variety of flavours like matcha, strawberry, brown sugar milk and pearl milk tea.

Wait what?!

cha ball milk tea souffle pancakes
Milk tea souffle pancakes

Cha ball makes all of their souffle pancakes to order so I recommend skipping school and going during weekdays. Jokes, I think you should skip work and go during weekdays as well because sick leave doesn’t roll over.

In all seriousness, sometimes there might be a bit of a wait but it’s worth it. The souffle pancake straddles the fence of being a liquid and a solid and is so delicious. The milk tea syrup drizzled on top is good but not as good as the brown sugar variation I’m about do dive into.

Let’s skip to that now:

cha ball brown sugar souffle pancake
Brown Sugar Souffle Pancakes

My favourite dessert of the year.

And it’s not even close.

Well, it’s kind of close. I’ve had A LOT of dessert this year. I also rediscovered my love for Tim Tams and bought a family pack for my household of 1.

In saying all of that, this brown sugar souffle pancake is the pinnacle. The soft souffle topped with the finest brown sugar syrup and a generous dollop of pearls. The pearls are just the right level of chewy and a great contrast to the melt in your mouth souffle.

And if you ever want to make me melt, just invite me to Cha Ball. You know I’ll be there.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who also bowled right arm medium slow and couldn’t bat

  • Cha Ball is life.


Cha Ball, Burwood

Shop 15A, Murray Place Arcade (Burwood Chinatown), 122-133 Burwood Road

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days: 10:00am – 10:30pm

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