Fich at Petersham, Petersham

I’ve been fishing for a long time.

And the Fich I was searching for was in Petersham all along.

fich at petersham

Fich at Petersham is a restaurant that would not be out of place at the Sydney Fish Markets in Pyrmont except it has better parking, less crowds and you don’t have to actively avoid puddles of murky water to get a seafood fix.

Headed by two chefs with Bennelong pedigree, the menu is a great mix of casual fish and chip fare along with some offerings that show off the chefs’ fine dining origins.

Let’s uncover these offerings shall we?

fish dip at Fich at Petersham
Fish dip: whipped salted cod roe, bottarga, grilled tortilla and cos heart lettuce

Salty, fresh and moreish, this ridiculously good fish dip is something you start snacking on and then realise you’ve eaten the entire place, a small bakery and inhaled a small lake just due to the momentum.

An excellent starter, but also something you’d want to finish with; just like marrying your high school girlfriend.

Fish taco at Fish at Petersham
Fish taco: lettuce, salsa and tartare sauce with battered fish

God, I love tacos. If you wanted to sum me up in four words “god, he loves tacos” is a pretty accurate statement.

Crunchy fish sealed in a warm tortilla with the fresh salad and creamy tartare; so simple yet so satisfying.

Yeah, I could taco ’bout it some more but you honestly need to go and try it for yourself.

Kingfish cerviche at Fich at Petersham
Cerviche: coconut vinegar, cucumber, pomelo and kingfish

Coconut vinegar, cucumber and pomelo served with kingfish? Now, this is unique.

Creamy cerviche isn’t something I knew worked until it was working its magic on my tastebuds.  Though there was a creamy element there was still packed with flavour and freshness.

Calamari at Fich at Petersham
Calamari with garlic, chilli, parsley and grilled bread

Calamari is always a great test of a restaurant, there’s such a fine line between tender calamari and a chewy mess.

Fortunately, Fich skewed towards the former with this calamari as soft as me at the end of my first viewing of The Notebook. The calamari was the perfect vessel for soaking up all of the garlic and chilli and you could even apply it onto the bread like the ultimate toastie.

Let’s give this dish a toast, shall we?

Potato scallops at Fich at Petersham
Potato scallops

Last but definitely not least is a couple of golden potato scallops.

Deep fried to perfection and served with a side of ketchup, this is pure comfort food.

So put your feet up, take your pants off, cause boy oh boy is it comforting.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who’s been waiting me to of-fich-ally retire from blogging (not just yet):

  • Plenty of fish in the sea but there’s only one Fich at Petersham


Fich at Petersham

3/98-106 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049

Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 12PM – 9PM

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