Milk Tea Soft Serve, Heet Tea Burwood

Milk tea, the trend that went away and came back with a force.

I’ll never forget walking past 3 different branches of East Way within a 100m stroll back at the height of the initial Sydney tea bubble in Sydney. It was the Asian equivalent of having a McDonald’s at every entrance/exit of a highway.

Suddenly, the bubble popped. Suddenly, milk tea franchises gave way to frozen yogurt, which gave way to burgers, which gave way to hot pot and then milk tea made a resurgence.

And what a resurgence it’s made at Heet Tea in Burwood:

Milk Tea Soft Serve with pearls and a wafer cone
Milk Tea Soft Serve with pearls and a wafer cone

Heet Tea does great milk tea (seriously, they have an offering where they offer pudding AND Cake with their milk tea) but I won’t be addressing that at all today.

They’ve recently acquired a soft serve machine and they are now offering milk tea soft serve WITH pearls. It’s delightfully creamy with pearls that offer just the right amount of chew. The soft serve isn’t just milk tea flavoured in name offering a rich, aromatic tea flavour.

The cones are a nice touch for everyone that needs a bit of crunch with their ice cream. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this new offering brings the heet.


Heet Tea, Burwood

Shop 1, 21-23 Belmore Road

Opening Hours:

Ope 7 days: 11:30am to 10:00pm

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