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People ask me if my favourite number is 23 because of Michael Jordan.

Actually he wore 23 because of me.

I’m lying, I worship MJ to the point where I wear his number and copy that weird tongue thing he did on the court. I worship MJ and love the number to the point where a random cafe in Chippendale called itself X23 and I cancelled plans with my Dad so I could go see what it was about.

That was another lie, I cancelled plans with both parents.

x23 chippendale

X23 is a brand new cafe located near Central Park in Chippendale and is quickly establishing itself as a future favourite. Its menu draws inspiration from all across Asia with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia all represented combined with Aussie brunch staples.

Let’s go get inspired.

x23 red eggs croissant
X23 Signature Croissant with homemade sambal chilli eggs, crab and curry leaves

I grabbed a signature so fast like I was trying to get my mother to sign a permission slip before she ran off to work. A flaky croissant filled to the brim with smooth,silky and spicy scrambled eggs. There’s some crispy onions at work and the sambal is Pokemon Rare Candy, just takes everything to the next level.

x23 golden chilli crab
Golden Chilli Crab Pasta with angel hair pasta, chilli soft shell crab and fried mini bun

You’re going to want a plate of this to yourself if you’re a shellfish kinda person. Crunchy soft shell crab is there to be torn apart like Natalie Imrbugliua’s greatest hit brought to life. Also, don’t sleep on the mini buns (mantou if you speak my native tongue) that are there for you to  dip repeatedly into the sweet & spicy crab sauce like it’s a McNugget’s long-lost carb-filled cousin.

x23 malaysian milk tea
Malaysian milk tea with grass jelly and activated charcoal

We bring you a drinks break sponsored by X23’s Malaysian milk tea with what sounds suspiciously like something you’d give your Charmander in Pokemon Go. Activated charcoal is supposed to be great for your digestive health and keeps lactose intolerants out of the bathroom.

These are the things I feel like you need to know (also, the milk tea with grass jelly is delicious).

x23 pandan waffles
Malaysian Pandan Waffles with smooth homemade kaya jam, lychee, seasonal fruits and vanilla ice cream

I’m almost done waffling so I’ll cap this post off with one of my favourite waffle dishes in recent memory.

Featuring pandan and kaya jam, this dish is absolutely packed full of flavour. The waffles are hot, crispy and fluff and goes beautifully with all the accompanying fruits and ice cream. Dessert for breakfast is just exactly what I need at this stage in my life.

Please don’t dessert me.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who was expecting me to make at least 2 X-23 & Wolverine jokes.

  • X23 has more claws than it’s namesake in the X-Men Universe (that’s one).
  • And just like X-23 in the comics, this is a multi-layered offering that goes great with any sort of personality (yeah, that’s a stretch, this is why I don’t write as much anymore).


X23, Chippendale

102/18 Park Ln, Chippendale NSW 2008

Opening Hours:
8AM – 4PM Weekdays (Closed Tuesday)
9AM – 4PM Weekends

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