Yipin Handpulled Noodle, Burwood

With a name that harkens back to my pubescent days behind a locked bedroom door, Yipin Handpulled Noodle is definitely making its mark in the new Burwood Chinatown precinct (it’s the Inner West’s best kept secret).

Yipin specialises in handpulled Chinese noodles and allow you to pick whichever noodle you’re fancying whether you want thin, thick, egg, flour, made out of uranium; whatever you like.

It’s so good that it prompted me to go two times during the one weekend AND revive the blog.

yipin handpulled noodle

It has a short menu with only a handful of noodle dishes and a smattering of authentic Chinese side dishes such as pig ears in chilli oil, tripe and chicken gizzard.

Though it’s a small menu, it packs a massive punch.

Let’s get to sparring shall we?

yipin handpulled noodle spicy beef noodle soup
Spicy beef noodle soup

Spicy and with a strong hint of herbs, it’s like KFC’s hot and spicy chicken except not at all like KFC’s hot and spicy chicken. The soup has a slight kick but not to the point in which you’re begging for a glass of milk. The beef is nice and tender and there’s also some cabbage soaking up the soup hidden underneath the noodles.

Yipin handpulled noodle beef noodle soup
Beef noodle soup

For people who are deathly terrified of chilli, there’s a non-spicy version that you can opt for. I personally preferred the spicy version because there was a bit more flavour (as well as the bonus cabbage) but I wasn’t mad at the default version.

Forget about going to the doctor, the pharmacy or your neighbour who claims that his massages have magical healing powers; this is the best cure for a cold you’re going to get.

yipin garld and chili noodles
Noodles with garlic and chilli oil

Say hello to my current favourite bowl of noodles. It starts with the trimmings and god damn what a sight they are. Chilli oil up the wazoo and enough garlic to kill every character in Twilight; it’s an amazing flavour profile.

The noodles are thicker than a fitness model on Instagram and way more delicious. The garlic breath you’re left with might not put you in good stead for said model but I’d take a bowl of noods over a camera roll full of nudes any day. I’m way past the days of my hand pulled noodle and I’m all about the noodles at Yipin Handpulled Noodle.

yipin handpulled noodle burwood

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that expected me to make more jokes about hand pulling noodles

  • It’s hard to pull these jokes out of thin air ok?
  • I alluded to it but Burwood Chinatown has hit after hit and Yipin is just the latest chart topper. You’re doing your tastebuds a massive disservice by not visiting the area.


Yipin Handpulled Noodle

Address: 34-36 Railway Parade Burwood (next to Coco)

Business hours: Open 7 days from 11am – 10pm

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