Phomo, Barangaroo

New year resolutions suck.

Why do you have to wait for the calendar year to change before you achieve something?

I’ve always been about doing what I can as early as possible so future Isaac doesn’t have to worry. I can deal with stuff now so poor future iFat doesn’t have to fret about it phomorrow.

Like….if I want pho or other phorms of delicious Vietnamese food now, I don’t want to wait, I’m going to get my ass to Phomo in Barangaroo now.

Phomo Barangaroo

The latest in a murderer’s row of restaurants in Barangaroo, Phomo (brought by the team behind Me Oi in Strathfield and Sydney CBD) features all of the classic Vietnamese staples of the utmost quality.

Let’s see if they’re pho real or not (oh yeah, no holds barred on this one).

phomo prawn and pork summer rolls
Prawn & pork summer rolls with vermicelli, corriander, mint, fresh vegetables, and sugar cane prawns with with pork wrapped in rice paper rolls and sweet peanut sauce.

I’ve tried to make these at home before. Needless to say, my Summer rolls made me feel as if winter had reigned on my confidence and piled a heap of snow on any aspiration I had on being a chef.

Phomo doesn’t have the kitchen disabilities that I had. Three fat summer rolls were placed in front of me threatening to blow up with the tasty filling within. The real star of the show is the sweet peanut sauce that accompanies the rolls, you’ll want to double, triple and quadruple dip along with every bite.

The best entity with Summer in its title since Rachel Bilson in the OC.

phomo spring rolls
Spring rolls with minced pork, shredded carrot, black fungus and glass noodles in a crispy shell served with Vietnamese fish sauce

If there was a battle royale where every nation could send their spring rolls in, it’s highly likely that the Vietnamese versions would win that war. There’s just something about the crispy shell that Vietnamese spring rolls come with.

The crunch of every spring roll is just so satisfying. Also, it comes with a side of salad for anyone who has the audacity to ask you to share. Just throw some shredded cabbage their way and tell them to get going.

The phomo menu is pretty much an honour roll with all of these rolls being the top of their respective classes.

phomo crispy skin chicken
Crispy skin chicken with thin egg noodles

A warm bowl of pho broth that instantly feels like you’ve put on a cosy sweater and a bowl of adult Mi Goreng that won’t make you feel like you’ve made poor life choices served up on a side of juicy, crispy chicken.

Can I get a close up of that chicken on the side, please?

phomo crispy skin chicken
Yo damn

It was chicken me out as I stare longingly at her crispy skin, it was absolutely love at first bite.

And the second bite.

And the third.

And suddenly I was married, with a mortgage I couldn’t afford and my youth long behind me.

But I had chicken and it was all that mattered.

phomo combination pho
Combination beef pho with rare and brisket beef, beef balls, tendon, and tripe on flat rice noodles with herbs

It is incredibly difficult for me to review Vietnamese restaurants simply because I only ever order pho. It’s not that I dislike other dishes, it’s just that I love pho more than almost anything in this world (sorry future children, papa will take you to Toys R Us tomorrow and maybe we can grab some pho too).

My go-to order has always been combination pho (or pho dac biet) because of the beef smorgasbord it comes with. We’ve got beef balls, we’ve got brisket and tendons just to mix up the textures within my beloved noodle soup. And what a boul of soup it is, 12 hours of hard work coming through every spoonful.

Makes me want to spoon a big bowl of pho if I wasn’t already married to that chicken I mentioned earlier.

Is Pouligamy a thing?

phomo vegetarian pho
Mushroom pho with shiitake mushrooms, king brown mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and all the trimmings

Vegetarians rejoice!

Mushroom pho is now in the building and it’s a big bowl that won’t leave mush-room for other foods because you’re going to want to down the entire serving solo. The mushroom broth is sweet, light and incredibly fragrant and the sheer range of mushrooms within the bowl will make you feel like you’re flicking through a copy of Mushroom Weekly.

Instant subscribe.

phomo tuna tostada
Sashimi grade tuna, avocado, mixed herbs, lychee, orange zest, crispy gowgee

A dinner-only offering, this is what you’re going to be starting every late night meal with from this point onwards. A magical combination of crispy & creamy coming together to form one of the most moreish and addictive entrees I’ve ever had.

You really can’t go wrong when you combine sashimi and avocado and this is the ultimate example of it.

Squid Ink Fried Rice with crab, calamari, prawn, gai lan, baby corn, Chef’s squid ink sauce

My new favourite non-pho dish on the phomo menu is blacker than the depths of my soul every time someone says LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.

Every spoonful of rice features generous mix of premium seafood, crunchy vegetables in the form of baby corn and gai lan (Chinese broccoli stems) coated in squid ink sauce. If you’re wondering how I get a cross section with every spoonful then you’ve clearly never snuggled with me (I’m always the big spoon).

And you’re going to want to bring the biggest spoon you have to try all of the food at Phomo.

phomo barangaroo

Here’s the TL;DR from everyone who is drastically disappointed by the lack of pho puns promised in the beginning.

  • Photune favours the brave so I will reward everyone that made it this far.
  • I didn’t pho-get, I was just saving it all until the end.
  • Phone me later if you want some more
  • You’re new pho-vourite lunch and dinner spot.


Phomo, Barangaroo

Shop 9, 33 Barangaroo Avenue

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 11am – 11pm

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