Monkey’s Corner, Chippendale

I didn’t get in trouble much during school, but whenever I did, my teachers relished sending me into punishment.

They referred to punishment as sticking me in the Monkey’s Corner.

Who knew that one day I would look forward to going to said corner and would have it catered with amazing rice bowls and snacks with all the trimmings?

monkeys corner chippendale

Brought to you by the geniuses behind KOI; the Poernomo brothers newest venture is  a tiny bar located right next to the aforementioned KOI. Don’t be fooled by its size though, it packs a punch worthy of Mike Tyson in his prime.

Let’s take a look at some of these blows:

monkeys corner kingfish
Kingfish collar with sichimi and furikake

A majestic collar of kingfish is placed in front of us and my mouth starts watering instantly. The collar typically houses the flaky fish meat coveted by most but it is also home to the fatty, flavourful meat that fish affishonados love. I loved the spice combination of sichimi and furikake that bound everything together.

I wish I could be bound to this fish for life.

Wild king prawn with kombu butter

Going from kingfish to king prawns, I didn’t think life could get better.

It did, it got a lot butter.

Tender chunks of prawn meat coated in kombu butter (that I later saved to coat my rice in) that was slightly smoky and brought out the best in the juicy prawns. Topped with fresh chives, this was food prawn at its finest.

Ox tongue with beef fat, chives and lime

Incredibly addictive, I was hoping that Monkey’s Corner was willing to serve this tender display of beef by the b-ox full but they said they had to cater to customers beyond me as well.

Coated in beef fat and lime, there is no doubt in my mind that this is easily the tongue I’ve enjoyed most in my life.

monkeys corner uni bowl
Uni bowl (only available during the weekend)

Uni that most people will actually show up to class for, Monkey’s Corner lavishes a humble bowl of rice to the delight of many. I’m personally not a huge fan of sea urchin/uni but fans of this offering will no doubt be enamored with how Monkey’s Corner marries a traditionally super fishy ingredient with lime and caviar to blow this bowl out of the water and in to your mouth.

monkeys corner trout belly rice bowl
Spicy trout belly rice bowl (only available during the weekend)

Now this is what I’m talking a-trout.

A heaping of spicy trout that just melts in your mouth. It coats the scoop of rice like an edible ozone layer that you absolutely want to destroy (sorry Al Gore). The slight kick is absolutely fantastic and turned this rice bowl into a Superbowl.

monkeys corner bobba dessert
KOI Bobba with Thai tea cream with tapioca pearl, hazelnut sponge, freeze dried mandarin and salted coconut ice cream

Boba Fett has nothing on this display of boba. With more textures than a fabric shop, this dessert is an absolute delight. I really hope this inspires more places to use boba (also known as pearls) in more dessert as they really do deserve more spotlight than whatever Chatime grants them. It’s an easy way to add more texture and this dessert is a guaranteed way to cap things off at Monkey’s Corner well.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who expected me to make a “no one puts baby in a (monkey’s) corner” joke.

  • If you’re ever locked in a vortex of not knowing where to go for dinner and some drinks, the (mon)key is to go to Monkey’s Corner.

Monkey’s Corner, Chippendale

40 Kensington Street

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday: 5–11pm
Friday to Saturday: 12pm–12am
Sunday: 12pm–10pm

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