Cuppaflower, Waterloo

You can always tell how badly your friends have screwed up just by observing the size of the bouquets they were purchasing after work. Sure, some were being proactive and buying nice flowers for the Hell of it but few people splash out for $120 rose collections on random Wednesdays.

I once saw a buddy of mine splash out close to $500 for an entire bucket of flowers. I was convinced that he had been caught sleeping with his girlfriend’s sister, mother and best friend all at the one time.

See, the thing is, why would you buy flowers that die after a week even with the best maintenance when you can take someone to a fantastic meal at Cuppaflower?


Funnily enough, Cuppaflower in Waterloo doubles as a florist and cafe for when you’ve fought all night with your girlfriend and you need to buy her flowers for forgiveness as well as a strong cup of coffee to get through the day. They offer an array of staple brunch dishes, Asian influenced fusion breakfast offerings as well as some of the best cakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling.

Let’s get right to it:

cuppaflower black sesame chiffon cake
Totoro black sesame cake

For anyone who has ever imagined what my neighbour Totoro would taste like, you’ve come to the right place.

Bouncy, light and super soft; Cuppaflower’s chiffon cake is a clinic in optimal cake making. The black sesame flavour is subtle but present through every bite and a joy to eat. There is sweetened cream in the middle as well which I would have loved to have been flavoured with black sesame but that doesn’t take any thing away from the overall quality of the cake.

It was totorolly awesome.

Matcha swiss roll (to the right)

As matcha as I enjoyed the black seasme chiffon cake, I was at Cuppaflower for the matcha variation. The swiss roll was even better than the chiffon cake I sampled with matcha cream smack bang in the middle and strong matcha flavour through every forkful of cake. Even the most vigilant of matcha detractors would’ve been no matcha for the temptation of this swiss roll.

cuppaflower taro crepe cake
Taro crepe cake

To sum up how good this cake is, let me talk to you about how I spent Mother’s Day. I went to Cuppaflower to sample what they had to offer and made up my mind to buy a slice of taro  cake for my mum (she loves taro more than me and my sister)). But I thought I’d try it first just to see if it’d be compatible with my mother’s taste buds. I had one bite of the cake, decided that it was the best taro cake I’ve ever had and immediately jumped back in line to order a slice of cake.

Sadly, Cuppaflower had sold out in 10 minutes. They sold out of crepe cake as quickly as Beyonce concert tickets.

cuppaflower fungi linguini
Fungi linguini with chicken

Pasta is one of my favourite foods but I’ve only ever cooked it once in my life. I’ve had more haircuts in the span of 6 weeks than I’ve cooked pasta in my kitchen. Actually, I didn’t even make pasta in my own kitchen. What a weird sequence that was.

The linguini served up at Cuppaflower is super rich and creamy; exactly how I like my pasta. There’s a generous amount of mushrooms and chicken throughout the plate as well as cheese and shallots. Every fibre of my being was satisfied at once; it was like I was getting a deep tissue massage down to the pores of my pores.

Cuppaflower’s special noodle dish with pork

Last, but definitely not least was Cuppaflower’s special noodle dish. It was a very Chinese influenced dish with a spice combination you’d probably be able to find in a grocery store in Haymarket. There was a spicy kick, a bit of crunch and slices of tender pork. The slippery noodles slid down my throat at a rate faster than the selling out of taro crepe cake Beyonce tickets.

cuppaflower waterloo

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone wondering if I’m going through relationship problems (PS I’m not).

  • Cuppaflower in Waterloo could easily win an award for most well-rounded cafe. Who else can serve up a dozen lillies, a slice of awesome cake as well as some tasty pasta all within the one premise?


Cuppaflower, Waterloo

1/15 Allen Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 3pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 3pm

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