Hong Kong Bing Sutt, Burwood

My trip to Hong Kong last year was enlightening in more ways than one. It was really cool being somewhere in which I wasn’t the minority, the ads were designed to cater to me and I was considered taller than the average person.

I ate well, drank well and slept like a baby even if the average closing time for a business in Hong Kong was 4am.

I kongquered Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Bing Sutt retaliated by setting up base in Burwood to fight back.

hong kong bing sutt burwood

One of Burwood’s newest diners, Hong Kong Bing Sutt specialises in comfort food that takes you back to Mongkok or Causeway Bay. It’s not fine cuisine, it’s food that you need after a big night out, a long week at work or for when you find out your girl is a cat person when you’re a dog person.

Bottles of milk tea are passed around with clinks as are bowls of noodles and spam-filled pinapple buns. It’s a little crowded, slightly too loud and staff will ask if you’re ok sharing a table with complete strangers; that is exactly how I remember Hong Kong.

Let’s see if the food is as authentic:

hong kong bing sutt milk tea
Milk Tea

A classic combination; milk and tea go together like Australian Millenials not being able to afford property. Think Thai milk tea except the tea flavour is a bit more pronounced in Bing Sutt’s offering. I highly recommend getting a bottle per person as these get snatched up like unprotected wads of cash on the ground.

hog kong big sutt pineapple bun
Pineapple bun with spam and eggs

A staple that can be found in most good Chinese bakeries, Hong Kong Bing Sutt pimps the humble Pineapple bun with a fried egg and a slice of spam. The salty and sweet combo doesn’t feel like it should work but it does; it’s kinda like how applying toothpaste reduces pimple swelling.

hong kong bing sutt eggs on toast
Scrambled eggs with toast

This is the dish you plonk in front of someone who is unsure about whether or not they want to delve into Hong Kong cuisine. Fluffy scrambled eggs and slices of toast smothered in butter. It tastes exactly as you would imagine it except double the butter you would normally spread on toast….then double that amount.

hong kong bing sutt pork chop with noodles
Fried pork chop with noodles

A deep fried pork chop is diced up and mixed in with a simple noodle/bean sprouts combo with soy, shallots and ginger. Super comforting and satisfying, the crunch of the pork and the bean sprouts go down as easy as colouring in between the lines.

hong kong bing sutt chicken wings
Deep fried chicken wings with chilli

I didn’t do much research before stepping into Hong Kong Bing Sutt as I believed in my skills to wing it. And wing it I did with these deep fried bad boys. Incredibly crunchy and seasoned to perfection, I removed the wings like the Elders did to Leo in Charmed.

hong kong bing sutt beef brisket noodles
Curry and cheese beef brisket with noodles

Holy mother of God, I had never thought to fuse cheese with curry but each mouthful solidified its status as a top tier combintion. The bed of noodles is just lying there hidden and slowly seeping up the curry, the beef and the cheese and them emerges as the tastiest of all components. It’s like the kid who managed to attain all of their parents’ best features even if their parents aren’t exactly fashion catalogue models.

hong kong bing sutt laksa

A big bowl of noodles for when you want to re-laksa little and not bust out the pots and pans at home. It’s lacking the creaminess that you’d associate with premium laksa but the spice levels and generous amounts of tofu more than make up for the fact. Oh and it comes with a side of Hainanese chicken that blew my socks away…which is weird because I was wearing flip flops at the time.

hong kong bing sutt hainan chicken
Hainan chicken

Incredibly juicy and tender, this chicken came as a side but deserved to be a main course in itself. It’s the culinary embodiment of Usher’s song ‘You Make Me Wanna.’

And Hong Kong Bing Sutt makes me wanna go back again & again.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who wonders how eating and sleeping equates to “kongquering” anywhere:

  • At this point, you can probably tell that the menu at Hong Kong Bing Sutt is incredibly large and diverse. It’s hard to make a wrong decision like setting up your buddy with a Victoria’s Secret model.
  • In saying all of that: my must order dishes are the milk tea, wings,  curry beef brisket and the Hainan chicken.


Hong Kong Bing Sutt

17 Deane Street, Burwood

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days: 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm

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