Superior Burger, Wakeley

I wake up early so I can take a nap before noon then wake up and feel like I have another glorious weekend day ahead of me.

Does that make sense? Have my last 17 blog posts made any sense whatsoever?

However, I am more than willing to forego a nap if there is great food that awaits. As George Michael sings:

“Wakeley up, before you go go.”

No seriously, please wake me so I can tag along to join you for the best burgers in the west in the aptly named Superior Burger in Wakeley.

superior burger wakeley

After reviving Pub Life Kitchen and establishing himself on the Sydney Mount Rushmore of burgers, Jovan Curic decided to take his talents our west so that people not living near the city central could have a taste of his sweet, sweet burgers.

Let’s see if the burgers really are superior at….Superior Burger:

superior burger mash and gravy
Mash and Gravy

The potato and gravy is just simply butter than anything the competition can produce. No, that was not a typo, the buttery nature of Superior’s combo just consists of velvet spoonfuls. Fries are better with this potato and gravy, burgers are better with this potato and gravy, I might even dip my parents’ marriage into this potato and gravy to see if it can help.


Do you remember those fries I mentioned that worked so well with potato and gravy? They’re pretty good solo as well, you can call them Justin Timberlake (or Taeyang for my K-pop fans). Just deliciously crunchy on the outside with just enough potato on the inside to fool you into thinking that you’re being moderately healthy.

The Chicken Burger: Fried chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, sauace & mustard

I was chicken this one out on Instagram long before I finally made its acquaintance. My hands were shaking with excitement which resulted in the shaky photo before you. As someone that prefers chicken burgers over their beef compatriots, my mouth was instantly soaked with saliva when the burger arrived. There was no reduction in moisture as the juicy chicken thigh just unleashed itself upon my tastebuds. Crunch and juice and sauce and mustard; I was being bombarded with flavours with every bite. I was like an ill-prepared parent juggling quintuplets; the effort to keep my legs from just giving out with pure poultry pleasure was difficult to say the least.

The Superior Burger: Beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce and Superior sauce

A beefy burgers in more ways than one, Superior’s signature burger definitely leaves a lasting impact. I offered for an extra patty thinking I could conquer the abundance of meat and was instead left helpless on the floor as meat sweats slowly made their way out of every pore of my body.

The buns never wavered in their support of the delicious beef patties and fresh tomato and lettuce. Just like that one friend who puts up with you even though you’re a compulsive liar, alcoholic and you insist on tagging them in 83 memes per hour.

Dare I say it? The burgers are superior at Superior Burger.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who was hoping I had retired from food blogging so superior talent could indulge themselves in the spotlight:

  • Underrated factor I forgot to mention in the post; there is tonnes and tonnes of parking right in front of Superior Burger. Not because there’s no one around, just that the kind folks of Wakeley are futureproofing their infrustructure for the influx of tourism.
  • I’d opt for the single patty Superior Burger next time but if you’re ever keen for a good meat sweat; go for the double.
  • Yes, people will be chicken you out from every direction if you opt for the chicken burger. Be ready for it; I always am.


Superior Burger, Wakeley

Shop 5, 30 Bulls Road

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm-10pm

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