Hills Bros, Martin Place

One thing my high school teachers always told me was to enjoy the friendshps I had as time has a way of splitting even the closest of teenage friends. We refused to believe it at the time but father time is relentless and undefeated.

However, there are some friends that don’t fade into old photos and forgotten memories.

Mates you conquer the world with, homies you climb mountains with.

Those are your Hills Bros.

And this is what we eat, Hills Bros in Martin Place.

hills bros martin place

Set up in the middle of Martin Place near the Reserve Bank, Hills Bros has been busy feeding accountants, bankers, media personalities and er…me for quite some time now. A brunch menu with a drawing culinary influences from across the world, Hills Bros promotes cultural unity like it’s the United Nations cafe.

Let’s take the world tour.

hiills bros beef rendang
Beef Rendang Curry with flattened tumeric rice, peanuts, pickles Asian greens and green chilli jam

You don’t normally associate curry with being a lunch time staple but why are you thinking about staples for lunch anyway you weirdo?

This bowl of tender beef is so fragrant that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve accidentally fallen over the perfume cabinet at a Chemist Warehouse. You’re hit with the ginger fumes of the tumeric rice, the spicy kick of the green chilli jam and various hidden spices sprinkled throughout the rice and beef.

If this was ever served at an all you can eat buffet, that would be ren-dangerous to my waistline.

hills bros chicken tacos
Achiote Chicken Tacos with smoked jalapeno jam, slaw, chipotle aioli and salsa

What was that old commercial? Dogs go whacko for tacos?

I butchered that didn’t I? Speaking of butchers, I’m incredibly grateful to the abbatoir employee who supplied this juicy chicken to Hills Bros. Housed within a toeing-the-line-between-crunchy-and-soft corn tortilla, every bite of this taco is a mix of sweet and spicy. Not two flavour profiles you normally pair together, they’re the odd couple that just work so well in this instance.

This is a dish that you’ll be taco-ing about for a long time.

hills bros congee
Brown rice congee with poached chicken, shitake, bacon jam, gingered carrot and egg

When I think of congee, I think of a pot full of plain sloppy rice soup stewing in the kitchen whilst my mother yells at an incapacitated version of me.

This is not a sick man’s congee, this is for a man with sick taste.

It’s such a pretty and comforting bowl with warm and soothing flavours. A little mushroom, ginger egg and who gives a sh*t about whether the chicken or egg came first when they’re both being sent down your throat at the same time. Special mention to the gooey yolk of the half portioned egg for reviving me when I thought all hope was lost (it was a particularly hard day in the office).

Feel like I forgot to shed light on something so I’m just going to jam it in now. I’m not a doctor but I think that bacon jam has healing powers. Next time I sustain an injury, I’ll just dab a little jam on my wound and see how I go.

hills bros miso pork bowl
Miso Braised Pork Bowl with Japanese slaw, shichimi buttered corn, fungi, pickled beansprouts, kewpie mayo, bonito flakes and egg

Have you ever been to a salad place that lets you create your own salad? There’s a place I frequent near work that lets me do just that and my methodology isn’t things that go well together or ingredients on theme; I just get a box full of things I like.

This Miso Braised Pork Bowl is a bowl of things I like put together by people way smarter than me that think about things like synergy as well. What absolute geniuses.

Yes, I can talk about the tasty miso pork or the perfect crunch of the slaw but let me talk aboout the heart of this salad.

Mayonaise. The heart of this salad is the mayonaise.

This plus sized dressing spread its brilliant umami flavour and added a punch to every aspect of the bowl; it was like a brilliant kung fu instructor empowering its edible students.

And there’s no other salad that gives me as much of a kick as this one.

hills bros

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else who has ever wondered which Martin Martin Place was named for:

  • This isn’t really about food, but always get in touch with a friend before it gets to the point where they think it’s weird that you’re getting in touch.
  • You know what? Take that friend to Hills Bros; what better way to rekindle a dormant friendship than with some tacos, beef curry and kewpie mayo salad?


Hills Bros, Martin Place

Lobby of 5 Martin Place, Sydney CBD

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Friday: 7:00am to 4:30pm

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