Devon at Barangaroo

If you really want to, you’ll be able to find something to complain about.

I’m getting fat.

I’ve lost all of my friends.

My name rhymes with male genitalia.

I’m not making enough money.

It’s really easy to complain, but it’s a lot harder to make things better. Figuring out how to stop being a drain and starting to be a fountain is rough. Complaing about Hell instead of constructing Devon is difficult but it’s possible.

Speaking of Devon, did you know they’ve constructed a new cafe in Barangaroo?

(Yeah, that was a bit of a stretch).

devon cafe barangaroo

One of the most anticipated openings in Barangaroo’s short history, Devon at Barangaroo has hit the ground running bringing some of its signature dishes to Sydney’s newest waterfront suburb.

devon cafe barangaroo

The geniuses in the kitchen have been in the lab with Devon at Barangaroo’s menu bringing some new heat to the table for people on-the-go as well as people looking for a place to have a Sunday Funday adventure.

Let’s see what the temperature is like:

Devon breakfast with the sakumas
Breakfast with the Sakumas with miso marinated king salmon, eel croquette, petite salad, 63 degree egg, kewpie mayo and furikake

Devon Cafe‘s signature dish has been around for years and is still ahead of its time.

You would already have a perfect breakfast if you combined a perfectly cooked 63 degree egg with a flavourful eel croquette and crisp salad on the side. Devon slaps a fillet of miso marinated king salmon down on the plate as its centrepiece. A rare find and absolutely breathtaking when you find it; it’s the Atlantis of breakfast dishes.

I wish I could have breakfast with the Sakumas every morning, Hell, I’d even sleep on the Sakumas’ couch to make that happen.

devon barangaroo eggs blini
Eggs blini with citrus cured king salmon, poached egg, salmon caviar, brocolini and maltaise sauce

This is one of those dishes where you’ll blini and miss it; especially if you’re sharing this with hungry friends.

A generous amount of salmon, caviar and brocolini perched on top of soft buckwheat blini, the dish has a nice mix of textures which I really enjoy. I still find the caviar a tad fishy but my opinion on food holds as much weight as a guy lifting an empty bucket and claiming to be Mr. Universe.

devon barangaroo dr seuss
Dr Seuss with thick cut bacon, hash brown, green ketchup, fried egg, pea puree, edamame and pea tendrils

A remix of a favourite served at Devon on Danks, thick cut bacon returns to the Devon menu with a new entourage. The edamame and green ketchup return but the 63 degree egg has graciously bowed out and has been replaced with a fried egg with a yolk ready to explode with the slightest prod of a fork.

The dish feels even richer than before like your buddy who comes from a wealthy family but still buys Scratchies. I’m ok with this; just like how I’m ok with my buddy cause he’s always quick to reach for the bill when we dine together.

devon pasta royale
Pasta Royale with squid ink angel hair pasta, lobster, crab, sago al pomodoro, chilli and coriander

Try and look at that ingredient list without salivating. I’m currently writing this post with my mop at arm’s reach because I just can’t stop drooling.

Lobster AND crab? I think I have yellow fever because I’m about to get all up in these crustasians.

The heat provided by the chilli added a Hell of a kick which proved to be more efficient at waking me up than my alarm clock. The pasta was a tad softer than al dente but I was ok with that considering all the flavours I was slurping up. Who needs 7/11 when slurping up this pasta is infinitely more enjoyable?

devon waldorf
Devon Waldorf with celery, fuji apple, lettuce, grapes, togarashi walnuts, goma dressing and poached chicken

Crisp, fresh and delicious: this is the salad you plop in front of someone who claims to be allergic to vegetables.

The goma dressing that coats the chicken is absolutely phenomenal. No, no I didn’t grab that word from the thesaurus I have open at my desk. I swear, the chicken really is sublime and worth a quick foray to Devon at Barangroo in itself.

It’s a splendid concoction of various edible dynamics with a high degree of synergy.

devon wagyu steak
Wagyu steak with onion rings and porcini butter

You know how I know the chefs at Devon are super proud of their steak?

They listened to Queen Beyonce and didn’t put just one ring on it, but a small mountain of rings on it.

The steak is cooked beautifully with the porcini butter simultaneously bringing out the beefiness of the meat and enhancing it all in one fell swoop. The onion rings are crunchy and remained so for a long time, no push up bra required for these onion rings like some other sad and saggy onion rings you get elsewhere.

devon barangaroo jaffle
Jaffle with ham, provolone cheese and salted egg lava

Devon at Barangaroo has added a wide range of sandwiches for people looking for a quick but tasty lunch. My dining companions opted for the jaffle due to it’s oozing egg lava. The moreish nature of this jaffle was hard to temper as we tried to share this amongst 7 people. The egg lava isn’t as salty as you’d think and there was a surpising sweetness within the egg that lended really well to the ham and cheese.

Such a great toastie that’s worth toasting with a glass of sauvignon blanc…but I don’t drink so this glass of orange juice will have to do.

devon little lost bread
Little lost bread: brioche with wild strawberry ice cream, vanilla marscapone, chantilly, ricotta, strawberry curd, gold leaf, fresh and freeze dried strawberries

The latest iteration of the little lost bread is easily one of my favourites. The dish has a summery vibe with the fresh and frozen strawberries and wild strawberry ice cream all designed to combat the heat of the Australian sun. It was also suprisingly light considering the presence of marscapone, ice cream and curd all up in this building.

I refuse to let this bread be lost, I will find you again and again.

devon soft serve
Matcha and hojicha soft serve

These soft serve flavours are an absolute cream come true.

I have no idea how the guys at Devon Barangaroo did it but I think they’ve made the perfect soft serve. Incredibly creamy and rich; there are few desserts I’d opt for over these soft serves after a meal.

The matcha was sufficiently bitter and the hojicha made me feel like I was drinking some milk tea in a cone.

I know that’s a weird visual but it makes sense to me.

DD special with matcha/hojicha soft serve and chips
DD special with matcha/hojicha soft serve and chips

If you don’t like drinking tea out of a cone, maybe a paper cup will suit you a bit better.

Chips and soft serve just work so well together, and this Devon special makes me want to work harder so I can provide this dessert with a beautiful home, a good education and maybe a bit of a trust fund if things go awry.

Yeah, dessert so good you’ll think about investing in inanimate objects. That’s the Devon experience.

Afterall, Devon is a place on Earth.

devon cafe barangaroo

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who expected me to make a joke about that Ryan Reynolds movie featuring Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz

  • Devon is still the standard bearer for all cafes in Sydney and its newest establishment only strengthens that reputation.
  • If you can only order a few things outside of the classics; I’d go with the little lost bread, the wagyu steak, the pasta and 17 servings of the hojicha soft serve
  • Will I be back? Devonately


Devon at Barangaroo

Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo, near David Jones and St. George Bank

Opening Hours:

Monday – Wednesday – 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
Thursday – Friday: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

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