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Throughout the history of civilisation, there have been multiple landmark discoveries and inventions that have completely changed the way we live, think and operate.

Think electricity, television, refrigerators, space travel, the internet and chocolate.


Chocolate doesn’t belong on that list you say? Are you kidding me? Chocolate is one of the most popular food types in the world bar none. It can be drank, chewed, licked, poured and enhance almost any type of edible product. It’s a gift for birthdays, weddings, graduations as well as jelly wrestling championships.

Chocolate is love, chocolate is life.

And ChocolateSuze is the best food blogger in Sydney. (Chocolate) bar none.

Suze with one of the loves of her life. Image credit: ChocolateSuze

Isaac: Can you tell us when and why you started blogging about food?

Suze: Well I started my blog back in high school with the usual teenage rantings and then found in uni I was writing more about the food I’d made in class. It was around that time I became aware of food blogs in America like The Girl Who Ate Everything and in Australia, Grab Your Fork. Food brings everyone together and it was fun meeting up with like minded souls and exploring Sydney’s tastiest restaurants.

Isaac: What has changed the most in the time since you’ve been blogging?

Suze: My hair

Isaac: What about in terms of the blogging landscape…? Not to say the colour of your hair doesn’t impact it.

Suze: The amount of blogs has dropped dramatically in the past couple of years, we’ve gone from something like 500 blogs in Sydney to about 100 active blogs and I think that’s partly because no one has time anymore and we all have shorter attention spans. Instagram and Snapchat are super popular because it’s a lot easier and faster to upload a pic and a quick caption.

Isaac: What’s something you wish the current generation of food bloggers would do more of?

Suze: I wish they would post more! I miss reading some blogs, it’s like seeing a bit into their lives.

The lack of new posts has pushed Suze towards alcohol. Credit: Suze's Instagram
The lack of new posts has pushed Suze towards alcohol. Credit: Suze’s Instagram

Isaac: What’s the hardest part about blogging?

Suze: The hours! I work full time and the last thing I want to do when I get home is to go and sit back down behind a computer. Transferring the photos from camera, photoshopping, uploading and then the actual writing process takes longer than I’m willing to admit thanks to my ability to procrastinate and get distracted by absolutely everything. Why yes, I do want to learn how to organise my cupboards! And yes I would love to watch this video of cheese! What’s this, a podcast on Gilmore Girls? Let me just drop everything right now.

Isaac: Ah yes, like that time I wanted to write about the latest cafe I visited and ended up going through Danny DeVito’s IMDB Page.

Suze: How good was Danny DeVito in Twins though. Such a classic!

Isaac: Ok, let’s flip it. What’s the best part about blogging?

Suze: Meeting people who are just as interested in the latest Aqua S flavours, eating a ridiculously cheesy burger or finding out about new restaurants I might never have known about.

Isaac: If you could create the ultimate multi-course meal and you had every chef in Sydney at your disposal, what would the menu entail?

Suze: For entrees, start off with Hubert’s incredibly cheesy Malakoff, Moxhe’s salted fish tart, Continental Deli’s ridiculously smooth chicken liver pate. Pasta/Noodles: Chester White’s Not Carbonara, Fratelli Paradiso’s Lasagnetta, Osan’s creamy tonkotsu ramen, Golden Century’s Pippies in XO sauce with vermicelli noodles, ACME’s pig’s head macaroni, Do Dee’s soft pork bone noodles. Moving onto meat: Bovine and Swine’s juicy beef short rib, Papi Chulo’s smoky brisket, Sparrow’s Mill snow cheese chicken, Ayam Goreng’s Javanese chicken. Burgers: Guilty’s Rowdy Double Jeopardy, Bar Luca’s Blame Canada, Pub Life Kitchen’s Double Cheeseburger, Ume’s Ebi Burger and Belly Bao’s baoger with a hashbrown. Sides… Marys mash and gravy with fries, Ms G’s cheeseburger spring rolls, Belle’s fried mushrooms. Aaand dessert: Bar Brose’s potato and brown butter mousse dessert, 10 William St’s tiramisu, Bourke St Bakery’s ginger brulee tart. eep and Creasion’s matcha lava cake. Is that.. a lot of food? OOH and Sweet Belem’s Portuguese custard tarts. OH AND SOME CHEESE! Truffle d’affinois, Comte or Stilton please

Isaac: …holy sh*t, this is why you’re the best.

Always on the lookout for great food. Credit: Suze's Instagram
Always on the lookout for great food. Credit: Suze’s Instagram

Isaac: Here comes the lightning Round, what’s your favourite 90s song?

Suze: t.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said

Isaac: What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Suze: Haha the alphabet with Christmas lights from Stranger Things

Isaac: Which Hogwarts house would the sorting hat put you in?

Suze: No house, they’ll just put me in the dining room so I can eat all day

Isaac: What’s your favourite iFat Post?

Suze: There’s so many how does one pick a favourite?

Isaac: Thanks Suze, your cheque’s in the mail. Finally, what’s your favourite type of chocolate?

Suze: 5th Avenue! And Royce.

Isaac: Do you know what my favourite type of chocolate is?

Suze: Um no.

Isaac: It’s ChocolateSuze!


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