Skittle Lane, CBD

Have I ever told you guys about the first time I tried to cook?

My mother was in the process of preparing dinner and I nominated myself as her sous chef. By that point in time, I had seen enough cooking shows to build up a false sense of confidence in my budding skills as a chef. I saw that she had a few eggs set aside and I decided to take whisking them into my own hands.

Unfortunately, I was too strong for my own good and cracked the contents of several eggs in and around a bowl….and the floor…and in my hair.

My mother took a look at me and told me to stay in my lane and not to try cooking again.

Ok Ma, I’ll stay in Skittle Lane until I learn how to cook.

skittle lane cbd

Located in the heart of the city, Skittle Lane has captured my heart with premium coffee and quick lunch options for whenever I leave my lunch box at home.

skittle lane coffee cbd

Full disclosure; my technical knowledge on coffee (as well as food and women) is severely lacking so I can really only comment on how much I personally enjoy it. I tend to favour coffee on the milky side, I quake when my coffee is too bitter and I have only just shaken my reliance on sugar.

So take my opinion with a grain of salt (don’t put that salt in your coffee though…that’s a bit funky).

Piccolo latte
Piccolo latte

Perfectly frothed milk, every sip of coffee goes down so smoothly.

I remember reading ages ago from my homie over Corridor Kitchen that the key to getting a stronger coffee was not by adding shots but by reducing milk.

The ratio of coffee to hot milk is an exact science and we’ve got some Einsteins behind the counter of Skittle Lane.

skittle lane ham & cheese toastie
Ham and cheese toastie with mustard mayonnaise, pickles and crisps

The humble ham and cheese toastie is a favourite of mine.

Making a ham and cheese is easy, making a great one isn’t.

Skittle Lane’s toastie just hits all the spots with oozing cheese, generous amounts of ham as well as mustard mayo that puts your tastebuds in a spin with mild heat and a tinge of sourness. Every bite is infused with a little bit of nostalgia, it takes me back to all the times where all I had in my culinary arsenal was making a toasted Spam sandwich with Kraft singles.

I’ve come a long way.

….sort of.

Skittle Lane Tuna Melt
Tuna melt with chive and lemon mayonnaise

I wasn’t sure how this would go as I had never had a tuna melt before. I just wasn’t sure about how mayo and toasted tuna would go together. Sure, it’s two things I like coming together but we’ve all seen two people in our group of friends start dating then morphing into unrecognisable versions of our friends that just want to strangle each other.

Fortunately, my first encounter with a tuna melt was a pleasant one.

It made me melt and it’ll melt you too.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who thought I’d force in a joke along the lines of “a skittle calling the pot black.”

– One of my favourite coffee places in Sydney, Skittle Lane will bowl you over.

– Yeah, that joke was lane. Skittle Lane isn’t though.


Skittle Lane, CBD

40 King Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 4:30am

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