Zero Degrees, Sydney CBD

During my last year of high school, I had a dark day. It was a day where I felt like the sky would fall, that when the harsh lights of my final examinations would wilt me and I would amount to nothing. I would disappoint my grandparents that considered me a prodigy, I would disappoint my folks who considered me their best investment I would disappoint my sister just because I always disappointed my sister (she always wanted someone that was as badass…which is impossible).

I spoke to my teacher and asked what options were available to someone who didn’t go to university.

She laughed and said I would never be someone with Zero Degrees.

Jokes on her, I had everything from Zero Degrees the other day.

zero degrees sydney

Located in Regent Place; Sydney’s newest dessert destination Zero Degrees brings a little bit of Strathfield into the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Offering popsicles, bingsoo and pufferfish; Zero Degrees is ice cold with the hot desserts.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

zero degrees popsicles
Mango, strawberry & mango/strawberry popsicles

Fresh fruit frozen like Elsa but retaining all their natural textures? Sign me up. My favourite was the mango/strawberry iteration as it’s two of my favourite fruits within the one popsicle.

They’re super refreshing and are perfect for when you’re on a date with someone that’s way too hot to be with you just so you can level the playing field by cooling them down.

zero degrees sydney oreo bingsoo
Milk sherbert with soft serve and Oreos

The problem with a lot of bingsoo out in the wild is thatall you’re left with is murky water if you eat it too slowly.

Zero Degrees solves this by using shaved milk ice so even if you take your time with it, you’re left with chocolate milk. Absolute genius, guess you really don’t need a degree to come up with something this clever.

Topped with creamy soft serve and a generous amount of Oreos? Yeah, you’re going to want someone to bing you soome more.

zero degrees pufferfish
Pufferfish with soft serve, red bean, fruit stick encased in an egg waffle

Zero Degrees has managed to drive even more foot traffic to Regent Place which is incredible if you think about it. You have to offer something really good to get any sort of traction in Regent Place as it’s already as it’s home to dessert all-stars like Chanoma and Aqua S.

They’ve got a murderer’s row in there now with the addition of Zero Degrees’ pufferfish.

It all starts with the egg waffle. They’re all made to order and served piping hot, fresh and crispy.  This isn’t a hollow dessert though as the fish waffle is filled with delicious red bean then topped with vanilla soft serve and some fruit as well.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but few better than what you can catch at Zero Degrees.

zero degrees sydney

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who likes to play Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

  • There really should be zero degrees of separation between you and Zero Degrees. Get down there now.
  • It’s of-fish-al; someone has managed to combine fish and ice cream in a way that isn’t disgusting.


Zero Degrees, Sydney

Shop 52, 501 George Street (inside Regent Place)

Open 7 Days

12:00pm – 10PM

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