The Picnic Burwood, Burwood Park

I grew up in Burwood Park.

Well, not exactly. It’s not like I was fending for myself by the pond and sleeping in the gazebos. I spent a lot of time there with friends, ducks as well as old ladies performing Tai Chi.

And I will continue spending a lot of time there with The Picnic Burwood now up and running.

the picnic burwood park

One of the best cafe concepts brought to life in recent memory, The Picnic Burwood is located smack bang in Burwood Park with a Lebanese inspired brunch menu. Ok, that doesn’t sound like a very unique concept but imagine grabbing some of the awesome food and sitting under a leafy tree or in one of the gazebos that I swear I don’t live in.

Also, you can also grab a hold of a basket filled with food and a picnic mat (you need to call ahead but it’s worth it). Let’s have a look at some of the goodies you can enjoy:

the picnic burwood avocado on toast
The Picnic fave: Chunky avocado, labneh, tomato, zaatar & pomegranate on Brickfields Sourdough (with extra egg and bacon)

It’s a favourite of the picnic and a favourite of mine. I have to fight the urge to order this classic Aussie breakfast dish every time I visit a cafe but I couldn’t look past it this time around. A generous amount of avocado is smeared across some sourdough toast and adorned with some toppings that work in absolute harmony. The labneh is a standout with a nice zing added to each bite.

I got an egg and some bacon on top and let’s be real, that’s addition that can’t go wrong.

Unlike every math equation I attempted in third grade…sigh; let’s move on.

the picnic shakshuka
Shakshuka: two free range eggs baked in a skillet with a house made sauce of tomatoes, peppers & lamb merguez sausage.

I had this dish when they first opened and I thought there was bit of room for improvement. Fast forward a couple of months and it’s like the shakshuka Gods heard my prayers. Rich, nourishing and home to a spicy kick, The Picnic’s shakshuka is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

The accompanying pita bread is a great way to scoop up chunks of tomato, pepper and meaty lamb sausages. The Picnic also offers you the option of well done or gooey eggs; I always go with gooey but hey…I’m a gooey sorta guy.

the picnic breakfast burger
The breakfast burger: fried free range eggs, grilled bacon, American cheese, oak lettuce, tomato and house made hickory sauce on a soft milk bun

This is how you start your day off right.

The breakfast burger arrives in two halves which you then squish together to form a messy yet delicious fusion of everything you love about breakfast. Fried egg with a bright yellow yolk ready to explode, smoky bacon, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and a slice of American cheese all encased in a soft milk bun.

Every bite is incredibly satisfying as all the different textures go to work to give you energy to go to work.

The Picnic Summer Eggs
Summer eggs: Dukkah poached eggs, jamon serrano, pear, shaved pecorino, drizzled with truffle oil & quince labneh on Brickfields sourdough

Looks like I’ve found a cure(d) for all the maladies I never knew I had. Cured meats are a new love of mine and The Picnic decides to throw them on top of some quality bread with some eggs on the side. The blue sauce is there to catch your eye but it’ll also capture your taste buds as you swirl each piece of pecorino and jamon serrano in the sauce.

Summer eggs you’ll want during winter, spring and fall as well.

The Picnic French Toast
The Not so French: Coco pop coated French toast with watermelon, Dulce de leche, berry reduction, fresh berries, Persian fairy floss and pistachio

Here’s the bread winner, boys and girls.

One of the most unique takes on French toast that I’ve ever seen, the Not so French draws its flavours from fruit, cereal, confectionery and even the botanical gardens before arriving on your plate. The Picnic’s Signature offering is as tasty as it is pretty. Make sure every forkful you consume contains a little bit from all over the plate as your tongue experiences a brand new sensation each millisecond.

It’s your first kiss minus the awkward boner afterwards.

annachaannn tarts
Annachaannn tarts

Full disclaimer: I’m super biased.

Like super biased but I’m going to try and keep it cool.

A passion project turned full-blown business, Annachaann’s tarts now sit on the throne of most adorable looking baked goods that also taste amazing. Available in matcha, black sesame, coconut, earl grey and Nutella, the tarts are made with love and care.

They’re only available at The Picnic on weekends but you can order them off Anna by hitting her up on Instagram. Tell her iFat sent you and she might even include a couple of extra for free.

Or she might just slap the Hell out of me for offering her stuff free of charge.


I get handsy when these tarts are involved

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else who grew up in parks:

  • Think of the Picnic in Burwood as a picnic where you don’t have to cook, pack or worry about company. Good food, good people and good times.
  • Did anyone else’s older sister not pic-nic as their favourite Backstreet Boy when they were younger and get bullied because of it? No?
  • Ain’t no tarty, like an annachaannn tarty, because an annachaannn tarty don’t stop.


The Picnic Burwood

Corner of Park Avenue and Burwood Road

Opening Hours:

Closed Mondays
Tuesday – Sunday: 8:00am to 4:00pm

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