Lazy Suzie, Darlinghurst

I love waking up early. I tried sleeping in last long weekend and managed to stay in bed ’til about 6:30 before I was itching to jump out and start my day.

I was always taught that if you suze, you lose.

You know what isn’t a loser? A restaurant that bears the name Lazy Suzie in Darlinghurst.

lazy susie darlinghurst

Brought to you by the guys behind Devon Cafe and Devon on Danks, Zachary Tan and business partner Derek Puah have decided to go in a slightly different direction with an emphasis on Malaysian cuisine at Lazy Suzie. Accompanying the Penang cuisine is a fully serviced bar which allows patrons to get a nice buzz on whilst enjoying some smoky char koay teow first thing in the morning.

Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself. This is what happens when you get a nice buzz on whilst enjoying some smoky char koay teow first thing in the morning.

lazy suzie pie tee
The pie tee: a pastry cup filled with braised shitake, yam bean and freshly picked crab meat

I was joined by a large group of fellow cuisine showcasers (aka food bloggers; shout outs to Nutellasum, Dessertified and Philsosophyy) which allowed us to try the entire menu.

Ok, we left out the vegetarian curry but still.

The pie tee arrived first and it was a great way to start our gluttonous Malaysian journey. The pastry cup provided a nice crunch and I loved how strong the shitake flavour was throughout. The beans and crab meat made their presence known and there were a complexity of textures working in unison.

The chefs must’ve learned to cook like that in uni, son.

lazy suzie lobster spring rolls
Lobster thermidor spring rolls

Cheese and lobster is as clean of a match as when two people on Tinder swipe right simultaneously while also happening to be next door neighbours. I was so glad to make these spring rolls a neighbour to my mouth as the gooey cheese encased lobster made its way down my throat and stomach.

lazy suzie kingfish
Raw kingfish, torch ginger flower, coconut and yam bean

A dish of regal fish made its way to our table and I wasn’t expecting too much. I was genuinely surprised at how tasty each piece of Kingfish was. There was a slight kick as well as a citrus note that really brought out how fresh the fish was. I was so tempted to steal the plate when nobody was looking; problem was that this is a dish you just can’t take your eyes off of.

lazy suzie kaya toast
Kaya toast: brioche, thick cut butter, coconut custard and slow cooked eggs with soy burnt butter

This was my first encounter with kaya and it left a great impression upon me. The toast was nice, thick and designed to be swirled in the provided eggs/butter mix. It was kind of weird but I sort of thought of it as manufacturing your own French toast. It adds a bit of richness, creaminess and elevates this breakfast classic to a new level.

lazy suzie chicken congee
Chicken congee with crispy skin, slow egg, ginger and shallot

Congee is a dish I generally have when I’m sick as it’s warm and nourishing nature brings me back to life. However, having anything when you’re sick isn’t doing it justice as you can’t really taste anything.

You’ll be hard-pressed to conjure a bowl of congee that tastes better than this one.

Crispy chicken skin is placed on top and hiding a slow-cooked egg whose yolk is begging to seep into the rest of the congee. Each spoonful reminds you of that feeling you get when you’ve finally shed your cold and you can breathe through your nose again.

lazy suzie char kway teow
Penang char koay teow: stir fried rice noodles with seafood

One of my all-time favourite noodle dishes, I was foaming at the mouth by the time the char koay teow arrived. You can adjust the level of heat as well as the amount of seafood you get in the dish. We amped up the heat and asked the staff at Lazy Suzie to go fishing.

Plenty of prawns, cuttlefish, bean sprouts, bites of crunchy lard and Chinese sausage are mixed in with smoky wok hei which is the signature of any good char koay teow.

God damn, I want that autograph again.

lazy suzie lan mee
Lan mee: traditional birthday noodles in pork and prawn broth

It wasn’t my birthday, but it felt like there was a party in my mouth every time I slurped some of the noodles.

The texture was akin to spaghetti. Subtract the bolognaise sauce and drench the spaghetti in pork and prawn broth and voila: it’s your birthday.

And we gon’ party like it’s your birthday.

lazy suzie roti belt
Roti B.E.L.T: bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and samba mayo wrapped in roti

An absolute dream for any kid during lunchtime would be opening their lunchbox and finding this Malaysian rainbow roll within it. Featuring six different foods I liked, it was impossible for me not to enjoy it.

I would love to have more of these B.E.L.Ts attached to my belt for me to nibble on whenever I was hungry.

lazy suzie roti baby
Roti baby: spicy pork mince in fried bread with fried eggs

Lazy Suzie back at it again with the roti.

The roti with this dish is a bit flakier than the roti used in the B.E.L.T. I loved this texture especially with the pork mince. The pork mince was reminiscent of pate, it was very smooth yet still quite meaty. The fried eggs are cooked perfectly with crispy edges and a yolk still ready to prodded, poked and spread all over the roti.

lazy suzie taro ice cream
Lazy Suzie ABC: taro ice cream, blue pea shaved ice, bubur cha cha and pandan syrup

Lazy Suzie’s signature dessert is more photogenic than me on my absolute best day. Hell, it’s worse day is probably better than me at my best day.

Think of it as a refined version of bingsoo with ice you’d be happy digging into instead of simply letting melt.

The crown jewel of this dish is the scoop of taro ice cream. Creamy and laden with taro flavour, I would’ve been happy with it by itself. Then you top it off with some pandan sugar syrup and you’ve got me making plandans to come back again and again.

lazy suzie darlinghurst

Here’s the TL;DR for anyone who has ever been stuck with a lazy Suzie for a group assignment:

  • For all the parents who read this blog, I don’t actually drink. Please don’t send me angry e-mails blaming your kid’s burgeoning alcoholism on me.
  • With such a large menu, and no duds; you’re best summoning every member of your Avengers crew so that you can try as much as possible.
  • I’d write another point but I’m too lazy….Suzie.


Lazy Suzie, Darlinghurst

78 Stanley Street

Opening Hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 12 noon to 12 midnight
Saturday: 10 – 12 midnight
Suday: 10 – 3pm

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