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My parents were never big on giving me advice, they tend to teach via example. I learned about work ethic from them when they were leaving for their jobs before I woke up, I learned about the value of saving when I saw my mother regularly fish out silver coins that had fallen underneath my bed and I learned about cooking….well, I still haven’t learned a lot about cooking.

So I drew teachings and inspiration from things such as literature, some sporting heroes of mine as well as music.

There’s one lesson that I heard not too long ago that has stuck with me.

It’s from a song by an artist who I shall not name, but there’s a line he croons in the R&B/Hip-Hop jam that goes something like

These holes ain’t loyal.”

However, there is no one more loyal to a set of doughnut holes like I am to Shortstop Sydney in Barangaroo:

shortstop sydney barangaroo
Donuts galore!

Shortstop Donuts is an institution within Melbourne’s thriving donut scene and a place I visit every time I venture south of the NSW border.

Their Instagram account accrued 16 THOUSAND followers before they even made a single donut as Anthony Ivey (co-owner of Shortstop) conducted an epic journey around the United States in a bid to download as much Donut data as humanly possible.

His journey has now taken him down to Barangaroo with a couple of his finest staff from Melbourne also making the pilgrimage to ensure that the quality that they’re famous for is sustained.

Anthony Ivey in the flesh

Being the excited fanboy that I am, I went to Shortstop three days in a row. I would like to say it’s because I just wanted a super thorough post…but it’s mainly because I wanted donuts.

What’s that? Donut deny you guys any longer?

You got it:

shortstop donuts boston cream
Boston cream

The Boston cream donut is fashioned after Boston’s trademark dessert the “Boston Cream pie”. A chocolate ganache is spread across the top of the donut which is filled with a vanilla custard.

The chocolate that coats the top of the donut kind of tastes like vodka, it’s a way to make your bosses think you’re enjoying a 3PM pick-me-up but really you’re enjoying your 5:01 Friday a tad early.

Shortstop Sydney Triple Matcha Donut
Triple matcha

This flavour was the one I was looking forward to trying the most. Matcha glaze, white chocolate and a beautiful matcha cake donut. I stared at it with longing that I haven’t felt since…well, right now actually, you see I’m really looking forward to the release of Pokémon Go and God, I want to play it so bad.

Anywho, back to the donut.

The matcha flavour isn’t very intense but it’s still quite delicious. Subtly sweet

shortstop sydney earl grey and rose
Earl grey & rose

My absolute favourite variation and one that will keep me coming back to Shortstop Sydney time and time again, the earl grey and rose donut is just as good as I remember. The glaze brings a subtle rose coating that crumbles away with the cakey donut texture, within the donut is an earl grey filling that has hint of lemon which is absolutely sublime.

Donut ever come between me or this donut or you won’t live to be earl and grey.

Shortstop Sydney apple pie donut
Apple pie

I’m not going to lie, the majority of my life experience with apple pie consists of harassing my mother to buy me one from Macca’s on top of my large McChicken meal.

With this donut, the crumble and caramel sauce on top make it absolutely delicious. The apple filling is moreish. I immediately scheduled an apple picking trip before realising the Apple Store was just down the street. Too bad they only had iPhones and no fruit.

Shortstop Red Velvet Donut
Red Velvet

A chocolate lover’s dream come true, the red velvet donut from Shortstop is incredibly rich and decadent. The dark red colour is achieved via Shortstop’s utilisation of beetroot which also gives it a nice and moist texture. Every bite transports me to Willy Wonka’s chocolate fountain minus the extremely creepy Oompa Loompas that could totally pass for hobbits with tanning salon coupons.

Australian honey & sea salt cruller

Another one of my favourites makes its way to the shores of Barangaroo. This is definitely one of the most unique offerings on Shortstop’s menu. It’s crunchy, slightly hollow and deliciously greasy. Coated in honey and sea salt, it’s a salty and sweet bite that I love.

The fact that it resembles a halo is not a coincedence, this is donut heaven.

Shortstop maple, walnut and brown butter donut
Maple, walnut and brown butter

Another one of my favourites, the smokiness that the maple and brown butter bring to the table is delicious. The crunch of the grounded walnuts also adds a different texture and it’s hard to imagine a butter version of this particular donut.

It’s a donut you’ll go nuts over as nut-hing else will ever be able to compare.

Good thing Shortstop is here to stay.

shortstop sydney barangaroo

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who ever played the shortstop position for their softball team:

  • My favourites? I’m glad you asked: Earl grey and rose, matcha, maple walnut and the cruller.
  • It’s impossible to make a short stop at Shortstop with so many delicious donuts to get your hands on.

Shortstop Sydney, Barangaroo

Shop 3, 23  Barangaroo Avenue

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 7:30 – 4:30

Weekends: 9:30 – 3:30

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