Good Times Artisan Ice Cream, Potts Point

She’ll never admit this, but I was my big sister’s best friend once upon a time. We had our ups and downs like all best friends do; she’d lock me in the bathroom with no toilet paper but she’d also make sure I had lunch to take to school. I’d steal her batteries to power my Gameboy but I’d also split my profits from my underground Pokemon card dealings with her.

One day, she told me she’d be leaving home to move in with her boyfriend (spoiler alert: he is now my brother in law).

Ice creamed and I begged but she left anyway. But not before dropping some sage advice on my 12 year old shoulders:

Things are going to suck for a while, but the Good Times will come.”

She was right, I did make my way to Good Times in Potts Point eventually.

good times artisan ice cream

Born from the brain of Nathan Sasi (formerly of Nomad), Good Times is a rollicking ice cream joint with soft serve laced with crazy toppings and delectable ice cream sandwiches. With a menu that rotates every month, it’s a small store with big ideas and awesome flavours.

good times nathan sasi
Nathan Sasi putting some soft serve together

Enough teasing, let the Good Times roll:

good times artisan ice cream an ode to david chang
An Ode to David Chang: Peaches and cream soft serve with red wine poached peaches and Momofuku Milkbar’s compost cookie

A fitting homage to David Chang, this combination’s strength stems from the killer peaches and cream soft serve that serves as the base. Creamy, rich and incredibly aromatic; this soft serve is delicious. The accompanying peach flesh is soft and adds a bit of texture to each spoonful of soft serve.

Oh, I forgot to talk about that cookie. Taken straight from the Milkbar cookbook, the cookie crumbles away with each prod of the spoon and dissolves once you sink your teeth into it. It was the bisc-ness and went perfectly with the creamy peach soft serve.

good times artisan ice cream stiflers mum
Stifler’s Mum: Smoked vanilla bean ice cream with apple and caramel jam, apple powder and spiced oat pie pieces

Stifler’s Mum has really got it on.

The smokiness of the ice cream was a completely new experience for me. It was a complete smokeshow as I felt completely seduced by the haze of the vanilla bean, the freshness of the apple powder and the wholesome pieces of oat pie.

I’m not going to lie, I was even a bit stiff…cause of my bad back and this cup of ice cream completely relaxed my throbbing discs.


Ziggy stardust: Strawberry ice cream with blackberry crispies, pop rocks, strawberry powder and gold dust stars
Ziggy stardust: Strawberry ice cream with blackberry crispies, pop rocks, strawberry powder and gold dust stars

(Editor’s note: This month’s menu has the Ziggy made with vanilla bean ice cream instead of strawberry).

The Ziggy Stardust is Good Times’ signature offering. I’ve seen bad signatures before, actually I see one every time I have to sign an important document. My signature is ugly and easy to forge; this would worry me if I had anything worth stealing.

Anyway, back to the ice cream:

This is the best Iggy out of Australia since Iggy Azalea…ok, it’s the best Iggy out of Australia, period. Instead of being a rapping popstar, the Ziggy Stardust utilised pop rocks to really give it an extra kick. The smooth texture of the soft serve is contrasted with the freeze dried blackberries and the strawberry stardust.

Look, a lot of ice cream and soft serve zags, but the Ziggy zigged its way right into my heart and settleld in my stomach.

…I swear that made sense in my mind.

Good Times Artisan Ice cream

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else who had an abusive older sibling:

– With a menu that changes every month, you already know I’ll be there at least 12 times a year. Good Times lay ahead.

– Some of my homies are already referring to Good Times as GT, except it’s not disappointing like the Dragon Ball series.


Good Times Artisan Ice Cream

87B Macleay Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 3:00PM – 10:00Pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12:00PM – 10:30PM

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