Butter Sydney, Surry Hills

You’re not going to believe this but I spend a lot of time thinking about food.

What should I eat for lunch? What should I have for dinner? What should I eat for tomorrow’s lunch?

Those questions are always on my mind along with wondering how in the world I’m going to get my novel on shelves without breaking into Kinokuniya after hours and sticking it into the best seller’s section.

Anywho, back to food. For the past week, every time I’ve made a suggestion for dinner I’ve been met with eye rolls and exasperated sighs. Everyone I’ve dined with has been wanting to go to one place but I keep hitting them with answers which result in:

“I can’t believe it’s not Butter.”

You butter believe that today’s the day:

butter sydney surry hills

Helmed by a trio of chefs with resumes longer than the list of people that owe me money; Butter Sydney combines fried chicken, alcohol, sneakers and hip-hop. The menu features a premium chicken sandwich, fries, soft serve as well as Air Jordan V’s that you can purchase after making an appointment.

Better view than the one featuring Whoopi Goldberg and Jenny McCarthy

Ok, so the kicks are sick and the music is pumping, but what about the food?

Chick this out:

butter sydney miso corny
Miso corny: Corn with miso butter

I felt like a chipmunk considering how much I fell in love with these acorns. Oops, I meant corns, I just really wanted to use that Chipmunk joke…does that make me Alvin?

Anywho, the corn is extremely juicy and the butter river underneath the corn is absolutely delicious.

Sorry, if that sounded corny. Couldn’t help myself.

butter sydney fried chicken
The Size 13’s: 4 thigh pieces, 9 tenders, pickles, slaws and 3 different sauces

I guess it’s shoetime.

I like how the guys are thinking outside the box…by serving the chicken in a box (heh). You can have them mild (naked) or doused in Butter’s chilli sauces that range from mildly hot (OG) to hotter than Emma Watson in the Bling Ring (hot as f*ck).

We (shout outs to Chocolatesuze and Ramen Raff) opted for the OG chilli sauce on the side just to gauge how good the chicken is.

My friends, the chicken is absolutely delicious. It’s insanely crunchy and the initial bite of butter makes you feel like you’ve just dipped a nugget in melted Meadow Lea. The thigh pieces are darker and filled with tonnes of flavour whilst the breast pieces are super tender; a common denominator is that they’re both delicious dipped in the accompanying dipping sauces (the honey mustard and smoked aioli are my favourites).

Earth shatteringly crispy on the outside, and steaming hot on the inside, the chicken is defintely butter at Butter.

butter sydney chicken sandwich
The Chicken sandwich with dashi butter and pickles

You remember those thigh pieces I was waxing poetical about in the previous paragraph? Yeah, you can get them in between super soft buns with a couple of pickles in them too.

There’s no distracting salad or sauce; just awesome fried chicken and a sour kick from the pickles.

Super simple and super delicious.

That’s Butter Sydney in a butter-coated nutshell.

butter sydney sandwiches and fries
Protip: Chicken and fries are a good way to Butter someone up

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who was humming “The Music Sounds Butter With You” whilst reading this post:

– If you get the Size 13’s, opt for a thigh piece. However, don’t be the guy who hogs all four or a thigh-t will break out.

– The chicken sandwich is compulsory, I’ll know if you don’t get it.

-Don’t be the butt(er) of all jokes, and make sure you head on over to Butter.There are few places butter than Butter for fried chicken right now.


Butter Sydney, Surry Hills

6 Hunt Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 11:30pm

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