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At a certain point, my struggle stopped and my writing changed. I’m very much the Jay-Z of the food blogging community. I came into the game rapping about my struggles and what I had to do to get by. But eventually, I got with Beyonce, my career started taking off and I just couldn’t go back to rapping about the struggle. Let’s be real, it ain’t a hard knock life no mo’.

So why’d I just offer an insight into my creasion process?

Because I went to Cafe Cre Asion in Surry Hills over the weekend.

cre asion
Shout outs to the guy in glasses who looks like he’s about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2015

Known for its wide range of matcha products and handle of all things breakfast, Cre Asion is tucked away in a hidden lane on Alberta Street. It’s incredibly cosy with only a handful of tables available. The staff were super friendly and accommodating. Joined by the lovely annachaannn, we decided to pluck all the items we had admired from afar on our Instagram feeds and feed on them.

Let’s begin:

Matcha latte
Matcha latte

We all have a bucket list (yeah, I’m not showing that to anyone) and then we have a less grand to-do list (still not showing it). However, here are a few things I’m happy to share with the 9 people that read my blog:

– I’ve always wanted to walk into a room just as the Imperial March from Star Wars starts to play

– I’ve always wanted to recreate the IKEA date scene from 500 Days of Summer and not have it culminate in Zooey Deschanel ripping my heart out of my chest and throwing it against the wall

– I’ve always wanted to try the matcha latte from Cre Asion.

I decided to cross that third one off the list immediately.

I loved this latte. From the onset, the rich green was like if Shrek had won the lottery. More vivid than Vivid, it immediately passed the eye test. Did it pass the taste test? Hell yeah, son. It was very nice, creamy and the matcha flavour was great. Slightly bitter but not to the point where it was repulsive, the matcha taste was very true and authentic.

Scrambled eggs on toast
Scrambled eggs on toast

A little while back, I asked a friend of mine to rank her five favourite ways to enjoy her eggs. She reacted the same way I think I’d react if anyone ever asked me to deliver a baby. She panicked and started yelling in all caps about needing more time.

That’s the thing about eggs, so simple and yet they can be molded into anything. They’re like the culinary equivalent of Leonardo Dicaprio. When you’re watching Leo in a movie, you’re never thinking “that’s just Leo being Leo.”

You’re thinking: “Holy sh*t, I cant believe Kate Winslet didn’t let Jack onto the door.” Or “whoa, Jordan Belfort just snorted cocaine out of that hooker’s booty.” He just loses himself in a role…just like how these scrambled eggs on a roll of sourdough made me lose myself in deliciousness.

They were very creamy and fluffy. I would’ve liked a bit more seasoning but the texture was on point. This is a huge serving as there are four pieces of toast and a tonne of eggs. We were so full that we just couldn’t order anything else.


Garden salad with smoked salmon

I don’t normally get salad but I thought I’d continue the green theme that was consistent throughout Cre Asion. This garden salad was really nice and fresh. All the mixed greens were crunchy and it would’ve held its own even without the smoked salmon.

I gotta point out that by all accounts that the egg was fantastic. The yolk was already oozing out as the salad hit our table. Runny and soft, it really hit the spot. I say by all accounts because it was so runny that it ran away before I even got to sample it.


cre asion pork sandwich
Master stock braised pork neck sandwich with pickled red onion, grilled cabbage, aged cheddar cheese, honey and whole grain mustard

I’m a simple man.

Loud noises will make me jump, hot weather will make me sweat and a sandwich of this quality will make me sing its praises on my food blog.

The pork in this sandwich was divine. I would love to have a drink of the broth that the pork was braised in. I’d throw everything into that soup. Noodles, rice, that kid that used to say I looked like I used a lawn mower to cut my hair…everything. I loved the contrast between the tender pork and the crunchy cabbage. All the condiments worked very well together as they all muster-d for battle within my mouth (heh).

Macarons (going clockwise from the yellow one): Yuzu, truffle/hazelnut, uji matcha, lavender, charcoal/sesame and roasted green tea

Arguably Cre Asion’s calling card, there was no way we were going to leave without trying the macarons. I decided to sample six different ones because I’m the best detective in the world not named Sherlock or Batman. I was a big fan of all the flavours I tried with my favourites being yuzu (nice citrus tang) and the green tea (who would’ve thought that Cre Asion’s green tea would stand out)?

Something to note, the macarons were a tad dense when eaten inside the cafe. We took some home and the shells softened. They were way more enjoyable after sitting for a while. It’s like how I’m kind of obnoxious and unfunny when you’re sober but I morph into Aziz Ansari after you get a couple of drinks into you.

Ok, you’ll need a bit of imagin-asion to imagine this Asion as Aziz but still.

cre asion fondant
Chocolate/matcha fondant with stawberries, raspberries and matcha syrup

Ok, here’s Cre Asion’s actual calling card. The matcha fondant is without a doubt one of my favourite dessert dishes in all of Sydney. As a lover of matcha, chocolate and berries; the sound of matcha sauce being drizzled over the chocolate cake is a siren song.

The gooey chocolate and matcha centre is Nirvana (does this make me Courtney Love?). This mixture of the centre along with the pleasant cake exterior is a joy to sink my teeth into. Every bite can be coated with matcha sauce for an additional bitter kick.

There isn’t a matcha dessert I like bitter than this one.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who wants to deport me from this n-asion

– I recommend hitting up Cre Asion really early in the morning to avoid a situation in which you’re eyeing a table full of people and hoping they hear your stomach growling like the three headed dog in the first Harry Potter movie.

– For everyone who lost track of the celebrities I compared myself to this post: Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio and Aziz Ansari.

– I can’t just have a little bit of that matcha, I need a latte.


Cafe Cre Asion

21 Alberta Street (closest station is Museum)

Opening Hours:

Monday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed

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