Blaq Piq, CBD

Once upon a time, young Isaac was traumatised and exhausted from fear. He was in the midst of saying farewell to a girl he had just spent a horrible day with. He hoped that this memory would fade in time. However, the girl felt the exact opposite. She wanted to immortalise the moment and asked if Isaac wanted to take a piq with her so that they would remember this day for years to come.

He said no…however he might have said yes to a second date at Blaq Piq.

blaq piq surry hills

Blaq Piq is one of Sydney’s newest cafes to graduate from concept to reality. Mixing Indonesian concepts with traditional cafe fare; you’re presented with a menu featuring pandan buttermilk pancakes, eggs benedict served in bao and delicious Nutella/dulce filled donuts.

Alright, let’s cease the talking and get to the food we piqked.

blaq piq pork belly
Twice cooked pork belly with pumpkin puree, 63 degree egg, pickled vegetables, tomatoes and rocket

I love bacon, but I think I love well cooked pork belly even more so it was hard to look past it. I considered the salad for a second, laughed then wondered how much pork belly I could stuff into my mouth before the clock even read 10 am.

The pork belly comes hidden in a forest of pickled vegetables and rocket. Off to the side is a beautiful 63 degree egg who’s yolk gives everything on the plate an element of fatty richness. The actual pork belly is layered beautifully with soft and tender meat as well as delicious fat.

And you know I’m all about iFat.

blaq piq beef bao
Wagyu corned beef with watercress, pan-fried 63 degree eggs and hollandaise on a lotus bun

Now this is an ideal fusion dish and not a con-fusion dish.

The lotus bun is pillowy soft and held all the gooey elements together in fantastic fashion.  I loved the egg and hollandaise performing a fusion dance with the corned beef that just melted away with each bite.

I would’ve loved a bit more crunch in the bun but hey, I’m the guy who wraps fries with slices of pizza for extra crunch so ignore me like every female did in high school.

blaq piq pandan pancakes
Pandan buttermilk pancakes with coconut ice cream, fresh berries, nata de coco, pecan crumble and salted coconut sugar syrup

Sure, she’s pretty. But does she love you for you or do they just want you for your money?

Oh whoops, thought I was writing on my dating blog again, let’s move on.

Sure, she’s pretty but is she delicious?

Yes, yes she is.

The pandan flavour wasn’t particularly strong but there were some other great flavours all present in the one bowl. I loved all the fresh fruit (mangoes were delightful) and the coconut ice cream and jelly definitely made their presence known.

Definitely a breakfast item that pan-cake you happy.

blaq piq surry hills

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who expected me to make a “Isaac will stop making bad puns when piqs can fly” type of joke:

– The pancakes are a must-order here. Get them or regret it like the butterfly tattoo sitting on your tailbone.

– If you get the chance to pick the next brunch place for your squd, piq Blaq Piq.


Blaq Piq, CBD

11 Alberta Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7am to 4pm

Saturday: 8am to 2pm

Sunday: Closed

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