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I am fascniated by Tinder, I become an investigative reporter every time I’m having out with a homie who I know is on this one-stop site to meat people.

How do you determine whether to swipe left or right? Do you just look at pictures? Do you think the future father of your child is sitting on the toilet swiping left furiously in an attempt to find you?

What happens when they have something really cheesy in their profile like:

I like long scrolls on the beach”

Honestly, that line would do it for me. Not because I like the beach but because I’d go anywhere to enjoy long ice cream scrolls like the ones being served up at Scroll Ice Cream in Windsor, Melbourne.

scroll ice cream Melbourne

Ice cream scrolls have enthralled audiences in Asia for a long time now and their presence in Australia is slowly but surely expanding.

Scroll Ice Cream was one of the first to set up shop down under and bring forth a number of optimised ice cream, fruit and candy combinations that have captured the hearts, mouths and stomachs all over. It’s popping up in Melbourne until the end of February 2016.

With time running out, I headed down to Melbourne with the lovely annachaannn and sampled as much ice cream as I could.

Scroll down for more information:

scroll ice cream perfect matcha
The Perfect Matcha with a matcha and lychee base topped with strawberry pocky and lychees

First up is the Perfect Matcha; Scroll Ice Cream’s take on matcha ice cream that was absolute perfect matcha with my tastebuds.

The base is a combination of matcha and lychee flavours with the lychee one being the more dominant of the two with the matcha being only a subtle representative. The ice cream was super creamy and refreshing. With nothing crunchy in the base, the result is an incredibly smooth batch of ice cream scrolls.

The perfect matcha makes the perfect after dinner treat. It also serves as a great breakfast…because I enjoyed this during breakfast time.

Scroll ice cream nutter butter
The Nutter Butter with a Nutella, peanut butter and tim tam base. Topped with crushed nuts, wafers, brownies and chocolate sauce

Let’s get nuts in here.

Introducing the Nutter Butter with ingredients straight from ten year old me’s ideal grocery list. We have the the two greatest sandwich spreads of all time in Nutella and peanut butter forming the base along with the greatest chocolate biscuit of all time in the form of Tim Tams.

That’s a lot of greatness in your ice cream already. It’s like the cast of Ocean’s Eleven in ice cream form except the only people getting robbed are the people not having the chance of devouring this ice cream.

Ok, you have an awesome base and then you reinforce that base with some crushed nuts, wafers, chocolate sauce and incredibly gooey and delicious brownies. Top that off with  some minion cookies which taste like McDonalds cookies on their absolute best day.

I’ve been around some rich folks but this is easily the richest being I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

Oooh baby, I feel like the ice cream tastes butter  with you.

scroll ice cream pav lover
The Pav Lover with a fresh strawberry and mango base topped with strawberries, crushed meringues, passionfruit sauce and minion cookies

All pavs led me here and I’m super grateful.

I enjoyed the minon cookies so much that the staff was super accommodating when I asked if they could include a handful on the Pav Lover. In terms of synergy, the Pav Lover was my absolute favourite of all the combos I tried at Scroll Ice Cream.

The sour kicks of all the fruits was just so pleasant; it’s rare that I favour fruit over something laden with candy yet here we are. This is a bigger plot twist than the end of the Prestige with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.

The crushed meringue topping also added a grainy texture on top of the fruit-infused ice cream was such a nice touch that I immediately jumped online and started planning my return trip to Melbourne.

You’ll see me scroll through these doors once again, I guarantee it.

scroll ice cream melbourne

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that laughed at the idea of anyone swiping right on my Tinder profile:

– Hey Scroll Ice Cream. if you don’t stick around in Melbourne….I hear Sydney has a couple of nice spots for you to set up shop. Just saying.

– If I could go back, I’d try the Coco Lovin’ (coconut & blueberry) and Say Cheese (cheesecake) variations. I’m still sad about missing out that I just smacked my hand on my desk and now my hand hurts too.

– They see me scrolling, they hating. Patrolling, they tryna catch me ridin’ dirty.


Scroll Ice Cream, Windsor, Melbourne

190 High Street

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days: 1pm to midnight

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