Ice Cream Scrolls at 3 Mama’s Chef, Haymarket

Full disclosure: I will not be talking about Thai food.

There won’t be pad thai, pad see ew, tom yum or any sort of curry discussed at all.

No, I’ll be talking about ice cream.

More specifically ice cream scrolls currently being served outside of 3 Mama’s Chef in Haymarket.

Let’s scroll.

ice cream scrolls sydney
3 Mama’s Chefs have got a new toy to play with…

One of my favourite ways to pass the time is by watching food-related videos on Youtube. I watch countless amounts of cooking footage even though my best recipe involves picking up the phone and asking Crust if they’d be willing to give me extra herb & ciabatta bread because it was the seond time I was ordering pizza that week.

The type of video I go to watch the most? The creation of these ice cream scrolls; I never thought I’d be filming it or taking photos:

ice cream scrolls sydney

You’re given an order form where you can select flavours, mixers and toppings. The process involves grabbing some cream (vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cocoa) and some mixers (think oreos, peanut butter, fruit) then mashing it all together like Cold Rock.

But not exactly:

ice cream scrolls sydney

I’m not going to lie, the theatrics are almost as enjoyable as the ice cream itself (more on that later).

There’s some slicing, dicing, mashing and rolling in the deeeep.

Sorry, I know a lot of you are listening to Bieber now but I haven’t stopped listening to Adele.

ice cream scrolls sydney

Whoa, what the Hell is going on here? After mashing the cream and mixers together, it is then spread into a creamy sheet before it’s rolled into the final product.

ice cream scrolls sydney
It’s almost like watching carpenters work except not boring and way more delicious

Let’s discuss those final products now:

mango ice scream scrolls
Vanilla ice cream mixed with blueberries, marshmallows & strawberries. Topped with wafers, whipped cream and “Hawaiian” syrup.

One of the first combinations we went with and it was absolutely divine. I was surprised at how creamy the texture was considering how icey it looked when it was just a rug of cream and ingredients. The marshmallows provided a bit of a pillowy texture and the flavour that shone through most was definitely the blueberries.

Big fan of this one, and it taught us all a key lesson that one of your mixtures has to be of a consistency that you want in your ice cream.

But more on that one later:

ice cream scrolls sydney
Vanilla ice cream mixed with mango and lychee jelly. Topped with strawberry syrup and wafers.

We opted for vanilla most of the time due to the fact that there were a lot of flavours unavailable (I’ll be back for you green tea) but the benefit of that is that the mixed components really come to life with vanilla as the base. In this case we had mango’s sweetness shine through.

This combination was less pillowy soft and more akin to sorbet without the marshmallow consistency that the blueberry combo brought to the table.

chocolate ice cream scrolls
Chocolate ice cream with Oreos, Kit Kats, marshmallows, hazelnut spread and crunchy peanut butter. Topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

I know a lot of wealthy dudes and dudettes, but bring this ice cream into any room and it’d be the richest being in the area.

We shoved every bit of chocolate confectionery into the mix as well as some peanut butter and marshmallows just because. This combination had the thickest texture as everything just fused with the crunchy peanut butter. I loved these mixes as you get so many different strong flavours and just mash them together to see who decided to poke their heads out and assert dominance.

The factors that made this combo great was the crunch of the oreos/peanut butter and the wafer within the kit kats. Every scoop we took felt like we had just spooned a fragment of Willy Wonka’s wares way.

Sorry Willy.

ice cream scrolls
Cocoa ice cream with durian topped with Hawaiian syrup

Durian has to be one of the most overpowering flavours in the natural world. No matter what you decide to mix with durian; durian will just slap that fool out of the way like its the only fruit in the world. Like its the only fruit that you’ll ever love; like its the only one who’ll know your heart.

Sorry, just had a day dream about Rihanna.

The lack of any extra texture made this ice cream less thick that any of our previous combinations.

ice cream scrolls sydney
Green tea ice cream mixed with mango and kiwi. Topped with wafers, whiped cream, watermelon candy and a marshmallow

I flew back to 3 Mama’s at the speed of light once I heard green tea was back on the menu. Ok, I lied I flew back at the speed of heavy because my light days are long gone.

The green tea flavour is very subtle but definitely present throughout every scoop. We opted to mix it in with mango and kiwi as any of the texture adding mixers would’ve completely nullified the other flavours. The fruit and tea made this combination one of the most refreshing ones I’ve enjoyed.

Defintely not one that will get tea-dious.

ice cream scrolls sydney
Taro ice cream mixed with coconut jelly and blueberries topped with wafers

I never thought that everything I ever wanted would be given to me this early in my life.

I love taro flavoured anything. Hell, I’d consider eating taro-flavored oysters if the texture of oysters didn’t make me feel like I was swallowing phlegm.

Taro flavoured ice cream at 3 Mama’s is particularly hard to come by as it seels out with quite some regularity but I got lucky one day and opted for it post-haste. I didn’t want to overpower the ice cream’s flavour so I went with coconut jelly and blueberries as the mixers.

The taro flavour is quite subtle but it’s definitely there. The taro ice cream is also one of the smoother variatons offered at 3 Mama’s and I had to pat myself on the back for opting for mixers that didn’t steal the spotlight from my beloved taro.

Would be my favourite combination if not for what I’m about to go over down below:

vanilla ice cream scrolls
The iFat: Vanilla ice cream with crunchy peanut butter and oreos. Topped with wafer, caramel syrup and whipped cream

My personal favourite mix. This combo is honed after multiple visits and thinking about what worked previously and what flavours I liked. I love peanut butter so I knew that had to be incorporated and then I picked all of the other components to go with it. I originally opted for coffee ice cream as the base but they ran out.

It worked out way better than I thought it could. It was creamy, smooth, sweet and a tiny bit salty from the peanut butter as well.

Let’s be real, you won’t be able to find a combination butter than this one.


Here’s the TL;DR for anyone who would like to take a long scroll on the beach with me

– Apparently 3 Mama’s Chef serves decent Thai food as well. Oops.

– Watch the creation of these glorious morsels on my FB page HERE.

– I’m calling it now, these ice cream scrolls are the next N2/froyo. They won’t be going away anytime soon.

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