Sake, Double Bay

One of the biggest differences between being a kid and an adult is experience.

Thanks Dr. iFat please tell me more.

Sure, will do. Most adults will do what they need to do and that’s it. Sure, they might push themselves a little bit harder at the gym or explore one extra store to seek out the perfect present for loved ones, but we’ll only push ourselves as far as we need to.

As a kid I would do dumb stuff just for the Hell of it. Jump off a wardrobe on to my own bed, attempt to make an omelette with no eggs, steal my sister’s batteries even though I didn’t own anything electronic.

Again, I’d do dumb things just for the Sake of it.

Speaking of, I recently had a fantastic dinner at Sake Double Bay.

sake double bay

Located in the picturesque suburb of Double Bay, Sake is a modern Japanese restaurant that I’ve been meaning to go to for quite some time. It’s the restaurant equivalent of finally watching The Wire or The Sopranos except I actually got around to visiting.

sake double bay

The interior is absolutely gorgeous with Japanese sakura adorning the walls that stretch from the kitchen to the bar and there’s more marble in the restaurant than in my primary school bully’s possession.

Let’s move on from the interior and go to what made it into the interior of my stomach (sorry about the visual).

sake kingfish jalapenos
Kingfish jalapeno with yuzu soy and coriander

The slices of kingfish were incredibly fin (heh) but still packed with flavour. The sashimi was very fresh and it absorbed the citrus kick of the yuzu soy and heat of the jalapenos beautifully.

It’s definitely a kingly example of how good fish is.

sake snapper sashimi
Snapper white soy with snapper slices, lime, chives and a white soy dressing

Oh snap, we’ve got more delicious fish in the building. I liked the softness of the snapper slices and the strong pepper flavour that was in the dressing.

Sake’s use of citrus to accentuate the flavours of their fish is really quite sublime.

sake shu mai
Steamed prawn shumai with ponzu dressing

Shu mai is one of those things that I insist on ordering, slathering in chilli sauce, then shoving into my mouth at breakneck pace. And yes, I will break the neck of anyone who snatches the last one without ordering a second basket.

I respect Sake’s take on a yum cha classic even if I wasn’t a huge fan of how soft and mushy the exterior was. There’s a generous amount of prawns within the almost noodle-like texture which is a big plus. Plus, I will definitely love this incarnation of shu mai more as I continue to age and start appreciating all the softer food in the world like my Dad.

Shout outs to my Dad for the one billionth time for deciding to knock up my mother by the way, thanks buddy.

sake pork belly
Braised pork belly robata with daikon and grated ginger

Pork belly is one of my favourite cuts of meat so it was something we had to order. The contrast between the soft, smoky and tender pork bell and the crunchy nature of the daikon was great.

Every bite of fat that came from the pork belly made me tingle with joy.

I wish Joy would call me back though, I love that tingle.

Sorry, distracted. Let’s move on.

sake quail karaage
Quail karaage

The quail karaage was quite different from the karaage I’ve had before. The batter is almost grainy in texture and wasn’t very crunchy. It was well seasoned with oregano being a major influence.

This is quail-ity karaage but I wasn’t a fan of the gamey nature of the meat. I’ve never been a huge fan of quail so this was more of a taste thing than any fault of Sake’s.

sake popcorn shrimp
Popcorn shrimp with creamy spicy sauce

The popcorn shrimp was easily my favourite dish of the night; consisting of crunchy bite sized pieces of shrimp, laced with a delicious seasoning and a dipping sauce which was oh so creamy and tasty.

It is addictive to the point in which you could be eating morsel after morsel unaware of the fact that your wife has left you because you do nothing but eat shrimp, your kids resent you because you don’t feed them anything but shrimp and your body resents you because it hasn’t tasted anything other than shrimp for 37 years.

sake dragon egg
Dragon egg with dark chocolate cream, passionfruit ice cream and mango caramel

I’m not going to lie, the theatrics were awesome to me. Even though I’ve seen liquid nitrogen used a countless number of times, the sheer spectacle of the staff pouring it onto the dragon egg was awesome to watch.

I really did expect Norbert to pop out.

Instead, I had the pleasure of a spoonful of chocolate, ice cream and mango which was a perfect mix of bitter and sweetness.

It was an absolute blast and I wished that dinner would drag-on instead of coming to an end.


Here’s the TL;DR who feels that I’ve for-sake-n them by not posting in ages:

– Essential orders consist of the sashimi, popcorn shrimp and the popcorn shrimp. Not a typo.

– Perfect for a date, Sake should definitely be on your to-do list….along with your date (hey-oh!)


Sake, Double Bay

33 Cross Street

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11:00am to midnight

Sunday 10:30am to midnight

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